Nashville Baby & Child Photographer | Olivia and her duck

April 15, 2015

This past November, I had the honor of taking a workshop with Jinky Art Photography, a child photographer from Australia. We had a weekend retreat in the mountains of Georgia. It was a glorious weekend and I left feeling kind of lost. You might wonder, why I would fee lost. But what Jinky did for me was to make me look inward at my own self and to dig deeper and pull out the artistic side of me that I have always denied.

Upon leaving, I knew I had this session lined up in late March with Olivia. Her momma had said she wanted it done in a creek with rain boots. Upon coming back to Nashville, I had my first full vision for a session. It had a yellow duck and some sort of old fashioned type of outfit. Olivia’s momma and I emailed back and forth plenty, about boots and colors and outfits, etc. But once we found the outfit, all came together. It was really fun designing a session and I can’t wait to do more!

The Hunter rain boots were nearly impossible to find in a toddler size. But we finally found them on Ebay. The duck, was hard to find! The TSC here was always sold out or only had tiny ones. I wanted a yellow duck that would be big enough to really see in the photos. A few days before, I got lucky and TSC had a big yellow one! My dear friend Ashley, has a homestead and is now the proud owner of this sweet duck. I want to be sure, when using animals, that all safety precautions and legalities are followed and that the animal isn’t just dumped off. If I have to keep it myself, I will.

We showed up to the session with very little expectations. I mean, a creek, a duck and a toddler. It doesn’t get more volatile than that! But the duck was amazing, it just stood still! and it quickly followed Olivia all around. In the creek, daddy is next to the duck and momma is right next to Olivia, for safety. They were photoshopped out 🙂

At the end of the shoot, Olivia really wanted her enormous stuffed doggy, so why not! I love the shots I got of her with it, they show off the essence and innocence of sweet childhood.

Thank you, Tera, for doing this amazing shoot with me! I will never forget it 🙂


JPMASTER-02 copysmall






duckling toddler portrait


duckling toddler portraitduckling toddler portraitduckling toddler portrait

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