Dear momma, I want to tell you about my journey in parenting and life that has lead me to this beautiful place.

My name is Jennie (duh!) and I bet you wonder how to pronounce my last name! It is pronounced PIE-FUR-OWN. I live on 5.5 acres 30 minutes outside of Nashville, Tennessee with 23 chickens, two boys (ages 14 & 11), two dogs (a Basset Hound and an English Bulldog) and my wonderful husband. The sun rises in the front and sets in the back and THAT is my favorite part of my home. I'm an OG crunchy mom and love Jesus with all my heart.

I grew up with a single mom. My sisters were 11&17 years older than me. My brother died at age 16, when I was a baby. This shaped how I was raised. My mom raised me to understand how short life is and how we are not promised tomorrow. She made sure we never went to bed angry and always said “I love you”

In 2007, just 3 weeks after my wedding, my mother passed away suddenly. I last saw her on my wedding day. I don’t have any audio of her voice, or any video. Wedding videography wasn’t a thing then.

Because of this, I seem to have an older soul. I know time slips away, whether we want it to or not. This is what drives me to give clients their REAL memories. To encapsulate time for them the best way I can. In this decade of parenting, being an intentional parent has never been more difficult. It has been my goal and life challenge to be the best intentional mom I can be. One thing I love about films is that it gives perspective to the parents I work with. It shows them how amazing their job is, how great of a job they are doing and encourages them to keep putting family above the never ending to do list.

The boring parts: I have an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and a BS in Developmental Psychology. These degrees help me let families be who they are. I don’t need to bribe or force kids (or husbands!) into photos and video. I know how to give a child or baby space until they have warmed up to me. I can also better connect with my clients on a deeper level because of my background as well as being a mom of two boys. Somehow, I stumbled into photography around 2010. Later, I realized growing up, I always had a 110 disposable camera in my hands.

After several years working as a posing newborn photographer, I discovered family films. I had my own family film and photos done in 2017. I expected to love the film, but I got the photos back first. It was the FIRST time I had ever cried over my family photos. And I have always hired amazing photographers for my family. But this was REAL. And I had no idea what I had robbed myself of and my clients of… until that moment. I have not looked back sense.

I wish I could go back and have done things with all the videos and photos on my phone. I have all these videos and what will become of them? I also wish I had done films instead of the traditional shoot, because it was always a battle for the husband and kids. Films and Documentary photography are SO much easier because they just get to be who they are.

I absolutely LOVE working with all kinds of families. I cannot wait to work with yours!

More about me: Canvas Rebel

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