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There is not one moment more important than the day you give birth.

When I film a birth, I am aiming to creatively tell the story of your birth through the perspective of the connections between you and your spouse and new baby, as well as other individuals at your birth.

My cinematic skills create a beautifully told story of the day you gave birth. From the connections with the people invited into your birth space, to the experience of your journey to delivery, I tell the story using my experience and education in cinematic filmmaking to give you an invaluable moment - one that you will relive over and over.

I want you to be able to go back to that very moment over and over for years to come.

With my second son, in 2012, I had him with Vanderbilt Midwives. Lauren Drees, current owner of Haven Birth and Wellness, was my midwife. I had a videographer at his birth and the video is one of my most prized possessions. Having video of my labor and delivery and first moments together, is so invaluable to me. Having video of my husband's emotions and his love for both of us, is indescribable. Because of this experience, both in birth and having had a film done, I know what moments are going to be meaningful to my clients.

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What's Included

• In Person consult to customize the experience
• On call from 37-42 weeks
• 3-5 min film set to hand selected, licensed music
• All post production video editing and grading

• In Person consult to customize the experience

• 8x8 Heirloom Album
• BONUS set of 20-30 high res digital images

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Kind Words

"Words cannot describe the way Jennie brings a story to life with her films and photos. You watch a film and instantly transport to that place. I have also had the experience to witness her in the birth space and she’s an incredible, calm presence. I cannot recommend Jennie more and hope you all get the chance to work with her! I can’t wait to use her in the future for all my birth and family films!"

- Sarah Fuqua, Assisting Midwife

Kind Words

"I have had the privilege of being in births with Jennie. As a doula here in Nashville I encourage my clients to only have those in their birth space that will be encouraging and peaceful. Jennie is both. She has a beautiful way of being a fly on the wall, yet capturing the most stunning photos and videos. She is kind, compassionate, and has such a beautiful, nostalgic style that’s unmatched."

- Dani Huka, Doula

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