Franklin Baby Photographer + Filmmaker | Welcoming Landon

September 17, 2019

This family welcomed their second baby boy this summer. Its been a summer of boys! I ADORE this sweet crew – they are so unique in their view of photography and films – they just crave that intimate genuine moment, they have photos EVERYWHERE in their home – even the bathrooms! They are my favorite clients ever (I love all of them hahaha). Let’s check out their film first:

Welcoming Landon (Kacey Mills) from Jennie Pyfferoen on Vimeo.

They are the happiest, calmest, sweetest parents. They were so gentle while their older son acted like a typical toddler 😉

We had a fun morning together. Capturing all those sweet moments that will be gone in the blink of an eye.

For this family film and photos session, we started out with snuggles on the bed. We paused for breastfeeding as needed, read books to the sweet toddler. and then headed outside. Outside, they played a game and laughed. It was so fun watching them be a family in this moment in their lives and filming / videoing that – so they can watch it for years to come.

I cant wait to see Landon at 6 & 12 months old – to see how he’s changed and how big he is. How he looks at his mommy, daddy, and big brother, and how they look at him.

My boys are 10 & 7. And let me tell you, it is absolute heartache watching them lose their “little”

Thank you for stopping and reading. xoxo


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