Nashville Maternity Photographer | Stephanie’s Ethereal Maternity Session

August 7, 2014

I love all of my clients. literally, I have some who have zero interest in being in creeks or woods and Im okay with that 🙂 After all, it is so nice to change up the scenery! However, I do love ethereal and nature shoots, for sure. Stephanie had fallen in love with my nature shoots, and was very brave, so I decided to take it to a whole other level. She was willing to do anything, so I, of course, took advantage!

Thank you Stephanie, for letting me pose you in the deep woods and in a lake, as well as a creek! It was so fun and I cannot wait to meet baby Echo!

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home birth breastfeeding nursing obstetrician hospital home birth breastfeeding nursing obstetrician hospital

home birth breastfeeding nursing obstetrician hospital


WOW! THE NATURE LOCATIONS ARE A GREAT CHOICE . I with tears am so proud of stephanie .Jennie great work. 3 out of 3 thumbs up!

lovely…just lovely

You have captured the most beautiful shots of Stephanie!!! The pics are almost as Amazing as she really is!!!

The most incredible photos- and they’re YOU! And your boy!!! Gush! Breathtaking!

Congrats Smith & Stephanie! Love the pics!


My favorite is the one where Smith is playing guitar to Stephanie. The others are incredibly creative and I enjoyed seeing them. Thanks for sharing.

These are very nice pictures of a beautiful mom to be.

Love the pictures! especially the ones of you and smith together. These will be good inspiration for some paintings *wink* *wink*

How pretty! Very inspiring, beautiful photos and couple!

So proud! Beautiful photo’s.

Love it!

GREAT Photos!!! Even if Stephanie wasn’t my daughter-in-law! Best maternity photos I have ever seen. Love the natural settings and especially the lake photo. Bravo!

Incredible photos and people! Congrats!

So gorgeous. What a beautiful family.

These are gorgeous and creative!! love the water shots!!!

What fantastic shots!! This area was made for Stephanie.

These are really, really beautiful

These are incredible shots! Everything about them says first class work!

Gorgeous! Love the ethereal feel!

It may take years to realize exactly how cool these are.

Smith, you look absolutely stunning.

divine fem in action

Haven’t had the privilege to meet Smith’s better half…but these are incredibly beautiful.
– Cirby (sister c)

Enchanting 🙂

Totally awesome Pics !!!


Stephanie’s photographs are amazing works of art! Love the lace dress & both couple photo’s with her and Smith, however, all are beautiful. Love the natural backgrounds & how everything glows right along with the Mom-to-be!

Amazing! Very Arthurian! Love it!

So beautiful!!

These are just lovely! What a lucky baby to have a mama whose inner beauty matches her outer beauty!

Stephanie…you are amazing. Absolutely beautiful!!!

Gorgeous shots of a gorgeous lady.

Stephanie the goddess!

Your photographs of Stephanie are beautiful! I love your style.

Beautiful beautiful shots…..

Absolutely, stunningly gorgeous!!!!! 🙂

i love these! so beautiful!

Stephanie, these are the most incredible maternity shots I have every seen! You look so beautiful and ethereal! The setting and v

These pictures are beautiful! Amazing work. Amazing mom to be.

Stephanie – you look absolutely stunning. Like the true Earth Goddess you are! Beautiful!

These pictures are amazing!! Stephanie is beautiful anyways, but these pictures are unique.

beautiful pics Steph..

This is so beautiful! Wow. Congratulations

Stunning photos. Can’t wait to meet baby Echo!

Gorgeous photography AND subject!

Incredible, Steph! You’re beautiful!

Stephanie you look beautiful!!

These photos are georgeous! Your photography work is amazing and Stephanie is a natural! She has such a lovely spirit. Thanks, Beth Quiaoit

These are such amazing shots! Especially the ones in the water. You captured Stephanie’s goddess-self perfectly!

Just lovely!!

These photos and Momma-to-be are breathtaking!!!

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