Stephanie’s Glowing Pregnancy | Franklin Tennessee Maternity Photographer

January 5, 2024

I had so much fun capturing Stephanie’s bump at her home in Franklin recently. We grabbed some garments from her closet and got down to business.

I love photographing pregnant women for their maternity sessions. I love doing them in their homes, where its their own cozy space. Capturing the love they and their husband have for one another as they anticipate new life entering the world.

I enjoy getting their reactions when I send their gallery, how much they love the photos and will cherish them forever.

My 3 Favorite Memories from this session …

#1 I called her husband Eric (his name is Andrew)…. I sometimes get so in the zone in sessions that names just leave my brain. I just see photos and composition and lighting and at one point I asked her if she wanted to get Eric, and she replied “sure” and I realized and said “wait, that’s not his name” and we both laughed. We told Andrew about this when he came in and I then asked him to pose like Eric would and we all got a good laugh. We are all human and if you want the  most zoned in creative from me, I just might mess up your name 😂

#2 Hanging out with Stephanie and Andrew. They are both SO fun and we are all very like minded on various topics. So I genuinely could have stayed for hours! It took me a solid 20 minutes to leave because we would just nose dive into a conversation. I love how this job of mine brings me to people like them and I gain friendships from clients.

#3 Seeing them look at one another, hold one another so easily. You can see how much love and admiration Andrew has for Stephanie – particularly when she is carrying their first born 🥺

I can’t wait until I film their home birth VERY soon! I will link back to that blog post so you can watch their birth video!

If you would like a maternity session at your home, let’s talk! 



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