Real life with the McGowan Family | Nashville TN Family Photographer + Filmmaker

December 3, 2023

I spent a few hours capturing The McGowan Family back in August. It was truly special. Capturing their nighttime routine of playing in the street, dinner and prayers, reading and their silly bedtime routine! I have never seen a bedtime routine like this before 😂

I loved watching them parent two littles. One, just walking and a sweet toddler boy who loves trains. I loved capturing dad wrangling two dogs and two kids, while one melted down… is it mean if I laughed and photographed it simultaneously? 😂 As a parent of older kids, I find this much more amusing now 😂

I adored watching dad skate board down the road in front of their house … Dads are amusing to capture with their kids… they typically act like gigantic big kids 😂

I felt so honored to capture these memories for mom. The memories she knows she will miss one day as they grow older. The toddler was about to get a big boy room, she wanted their family captured right before that big change. 🥺

Enjoy their film and some photos from their session! If you are interested in films, reach out to me and we can chat more!

The McGowan Family | August 2023 from Jennie Pyfferoen on Vimeo.


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