Nashville Newborn Photographer | The Morgan Family

February 24, 2024

This session was years in the making. Jillian has wanted to hire me forever and after becoming pregnant with #2, was able to convince her husband to have a newborn family video of their early days with a teeny new daughter. The film turned out absolutely amazing and she immediately booked her 2nd film 😂

They have an older daughter, who is completely smitten with her little baby sister. I loved highlighting that new relationship in their film and photos. They will always have precious video to remember the beginning of their daughters’ sisterhood. How big sis would read and sing to her baby sister. Years from now when big sis is giving her little sister boy advice, this film is going to be 100x more meaningful. It literally makes me tear up thinking about it.

My 3 favorite things about this family film + photo session…

#1 How mom responded after seeing her film.

This is literally my MOST favorite part of the entire process. I LOVE filming and I LOVE editing but getting to experience mom’s (and dad’s) responses to seeing it, is just on a whole other level. Here are some quotes from her texts to me:

“I think my heart just stopped”

“I don’t have words… you truly have a gift!”

“I forgot about her baby Afro 🥰”

“I am going to watch it on repeat, truly amazing! Thank you SO much!!!”

“I am so thankful we finally did it!”

“You turned my ordinary into extraordinary!!”

“If I was rich, I would get one every month for the first year of life!”

#2 Dad’s authentic chit chat with his new baby girl.

He is incredibly smitten and has this southern accent. His sweet but hilarious personality really shines through.

#3 Absolutely big sister and her love for her baby sister.

How she kisses her, talks to her, sings to her, reads to her and just organically shows her love. It makes me tear up every time I watch their film!

The Morgan Family | December 2023 from Jennie Pyfferoen on Vimeo.

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