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February 25, 2024

When is the best age to take newborn photos?

TL;DR Any age is a good age for relaxed, natural newborn photos.

You have a newborn for all of 7 weeks. So when is this 7 week period, is a good time to take newborn photos?

It varies by style, for sure. If you want the posed newborn photos (I used to pose newborns for many years), you’ll definitely need to do them within 10 days of birth. After about 5-6 years of posing newborns and then discovering my true inner self within documentary photography and videography, I now prefer the style of in-home relaxed newborn photos. I want to tell the story of what your baby preferred or did not prefer during their newborn stage.

Maybe they always had their hand up by their face. Or they make a scrunchy face often during the day. With offering newborn videography, I can also capture their little noises or coos. In-home newborn photography allows for baby to lead the session. We are able to capture any nursing photos (if you want), as well as how dad naturally interacts with your newborn baby!

There are many advantages to waiting until the baby is closer to 4-6 weeks old, especially if clients are hiring my to do videography. In the earlier weeks, baby won’t interact with mom and dad much. But closer to 4-5 weeks, they are cooing and smiling and making eye contact. I give my clients the choice between photography around 2 weeks old or later, when they are more interactive. Because my clients can hire me for just photos, or for video+photos, that might alter their response as well. If they are hiring me for just photos, my clients tend to choose to have their in-home newborn session closer to 2 weeks, which is super precious.

2 week old Babies:

If you are wanting to capture that really young newborn stage, then this is the time frame for you! It is the most common time newborn babies are photographed. Babies are still sleepy, and curling up like they did in the womb. They are very snuggly and don’t have any newborn acne, typically.

3-4 week old Babies:

This stage might offer some baby acne. If this really bothers you, you might put the session off until it clears. (I am very flexible with newborn bookings!). But for a photographer who captures real life, it doesn’t phase me. However, how much acne can vary widely and a baby with worse acne, might be a situation to put it off a few more weeks until their acne clears. During this stage of development, babies tend to go through growth spurts and can be crankier and hungrier and needier.

mother holds her newborn baby boy mother holds her newborn baby boy mother nurses her newborn baby boy breastfeeding mother nurses her newborn baby boy breastfeeding newborn boy

5-7 week old Babies:

I love capturing babies most at either 2 weeks old, or in this 5-7 week window. They are more alert in this window and interacting more, which is great for video and for photos. Mom has had more time to recover from birth and everyone has fallen into their roles as mom and dad. Babies have filled out, they keep their eyes open more and they most likely are smiling by now!

Older Babies:

Don’t let any belief out there make you think you have missed a magic window to capture your baby. The beauty of lifestyle photos, is that any time, is a good time to capture your life with your baby!

Franklin Tennessee Baby family photographer at home lifestyle real life day in the life documentary

If you want newborn or even older babies photos, please reach out! I would love to help.

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