Nashville, TN Family Photographer | What is a documentary photo session?

July 10, 2022

A documentary session is a photography session where I spend 1-1.5 hours with your family, photographing your normal life. Now, I don’t just show up and shoot whatever – that would probably not work well. We use a questionnaire to gain an idea of what your favorite moments are right now in your season of motherhood and parenting. So whether its filled with the exhaustion of having a newborn and nursing a lot or you’re chasing a toddler around – we are going to get some really amazing, story telling, raw, real life moments on camera. And YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THEM.

Parents don’t even realize what they are not having captured until it’s there. It is so easy to fall in love with trendy photographs on instagram and facebook. But what I have seen in my 12 years photographing clients, is that the best most beautifully posed photograph doesnt.hold.a.candle to a meaningful photograph. Meaningful means that it speaks to your SOUL. It brings so much MORE emotion out of you seeing the photo. Let’s be honest, I don’t send over to my clients 150 absolutely perfect photos. Some are absolutely perfect. perfect lighting, composition, moment etc. But some – some are just okay in terms of photography perfection. But you know what? They are meaningful. and meaningful trumps perfect, ever single time.

I will always aim to get the BEST shots for my clients, but I will never be so full of myself that I deny them precious images because they wont win a competition.

Parents are getting to the later stages of parenting and saying “I wish I had more photos of our everyday life” and instead they have these beautifully posed Christmas Card Fall Photographs from every year. And those – those are meaningful. But we need to be sure to capture our everyday for the sake of remembering and encapsulating our legacy.

Book your family documentary session by downloading my client guide and inquiring here! 

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