Nashville Family Photographer | Are professional family photos worth it?

April 16, 2023

Let’s talk about family photos! I feel like family photos have turned into something to check off the list for the year. Check! Family photos for the Christmas card! Social media has driven family photos from being something that told a story to something we just do out of social obligation.

The beautiful thing about documentary family photography (ahem, what I do!) is that you don’t have to get a wardrobe together and then get everyone dressed up and drive somewhere and fake a bunch of shots for the camera for an hour. Documentary family sessions are the easiest session of your life. Not only that, but they will leave you with a heart of gratitude because you actually captured your real life.

Life is filled with tiny moments that happen between the time we wake up and fall asleep that we are often too tired and busy to fully appreciate. We completely toss these memories aside when we ask for a formal posed and or lifestyle family session for Christmas Cards.

Your life changes every minute of everyday…. month to month. Six months from now your son might actually outgrow LEGOS. I know, it’s hard to imagine. But trust me, it does happen. At times you feel eager for that moment so you can stop stepping on Legos, but I promise you… You will miss this version of him.

None of my clients EVER regrets having photos or family films… They are often SO incredibly grateful for the unique experience and opportunity to have their family life truly captured.

My approach to capturing families is very relaxed and observational as opposed to traditional and directed.

It’s not about getting the perfect photos, or everything being just right. It’s not about everyone looking happy all the time, or wearing incredible outfits. Plenty of other photographers offer those things.

Documentary Family Photos are worth every penny. They are also worth being vulnerable enough to have them done. It won’t matter if your house was midway through a remodel, or you haven’t hit your goal weight. Your children just want to connect with you. When they see photos, they want to see their childhood memories, their mother and father and siblings. Just as they were.

In my ten + years in photography, I have learned 3 things: your kids don’t care if you haven’t lost the baby weight, you deserve to be seen for the amazing parent you are, and you have to make time for the things that matter most in life.

My work consists of real moments. Real life. Real stories. It celebrates both the joys, and the struggles of parenthood.

This session will be relaxed and unforced. You don’t even have to look at the camera!

To learn more about a documentary photography experience, start here! I look forward to working with you!

You can also contact me here.

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