Nashville Baby Photographer | World Breastfeeding Week

August 4, 2015

World Breastfeeding Week.

Its not easy for everyone to nurse. with new genetic mutations causing lip and tongue ties (they always happen together), lots of mommies are struggling. Ive been an advocate for breastfeeding for a long time and know a lot about MTHFR and babies who are lip tied, causing issues from reflux, speech issues, mastitis, weight loss, colic, the list goes on! I recently had a client (who has had two babies and I photographed both) and I know her well enough that I knew she had been tested and found that she had MTHFR mutation. She had her 2nd son, Mason and of course he has both lip and tongue ties. Here is her story. Please SHARE so other mommies can know about this and we can spread it even more.

“I feel like sharing our story will hopefully help other moms who may not know why nursing isn’t going well or why it’s so painful. Mason was tongue and lip tied which caused BF to be excruciating. Hospital did a poor job at clipping anterior tongue tie and didn’t even notice his lip tie and posterior tongue tie so we went to someone who specializes in ties and got them both lasered yesterday. (Clipping isn’t enough so needs to be lasered) The past few days have been full of tears, anxiety, & I feel like it’s been hard to even enjoy my baby because of all the pain I was in every 2 hours. I hope other moms out there who are having issues can find someone who specializes in this to help them out. Getting them fixed earlier will not only help feeding issues, but also help prevent failure to thrive, speech development and tooth decay/teeth problems later on. So thankful we are getting it all fixed now. I realize this may not seem like a big deal, but mixed with crazy post partum hormones and lack of sleep, it’s been rough on us. Just wanted to share even if it just helps one other mama.”



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