Is an In-Home Session Right for me? | with Nashville, Tennessee Family Videographer + Photographer Jennie Pyfferoen

November 17, 2023

With documentary photography becoming increasingly popular, clients may wonder if an in-home day in the life session or outdoor sunset session is right for their family.

#1 You won’t have to worry about a crowded park.

Often times, during peak photography season, local parks and nature parks are packed with photographers. Having your session at home allows for that worry to go away. You can rest assured that the environment will be sacred to you and you will have a wide variety of spaces to engage with your family during your film or photo shoot.

#2 Your children will be relaxed.

Because you are doing the session in your home, your children will be in their comfortable home environment. Which allows for them to relax rather than feel “on” which leads to easier candid moments of just being together. My goal is to capture your connection to each other and that happens more easily in your own home!

#3 You love your home.

Yes, the outdoors and beautiful fall leaves can be beautiful. But none of that beats the place you had your babies, built a life, and raised a family. Your home holds so many wonderful memories of your life. It deserves to be apart of your story.

#4 You don’t have the stress of getting everyone to a location.

Bringing kids to a location (filled with grass and dirt) can be stressful. You have to pack bags and make sure you bring plenty of snacks and bug spray. You have to get them there and keep them clean. (for in home shoots, we welcome the mess). It can be extra stressful doing all of this between naps and feeding schedules. Being in your own home allows for more flexibility.

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#5 You live out in the country.

Let me come to you! I travel for sessions frequently, so I am happy to travel to you. If it’s over 90 mins of a drive, I do charge a travel fee. But it’s worth it to be able to stay home in your cozy environment and just be with your family. There is nothing more peaceful or enjoyable. Plus, the results in your film and or photos will be evident!

If you are considering an in-home photography session or a family film, I would LOVE to chat with you! 

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