How to feel comfortable during your in-home family film + photography session | with Nashville Family Photographer Jennie Pyfferoen

November 16, 2023

Are you hesitant to book your family’s film and photography session because it sounds uncomfortable and vulnerable? Are you waiting for the “right time”?

I know that little voice… The one that says:

“I need to lose 10 pounds.”

“My house isn’t good enough.”

“My family is pure chaos.”

“Maybe next year…”



Here are my 5 tips to enjoy your family session. Shocker… it’s going to be WAY easier than you expect.

#1 The best sessions feel like you’re doing

nothing special.

They feel like you’re a boring family with nothing special to film. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. The BEST family films are with families who just hang out together for a few hours. Many people can overthink it. Or they compare themselves to another one of my films and say something like “we don’t bake together” … I’m here to tell you, if your family doesn’t bake, I sure hope you don’t for the session! Because that’s NOT your family’s story! I want to know what YOU do as a family. Maybe all you do is hang out on the floor. There is magic in EVERY moment. and I’m your girl to capture it!

#2 If you feel awkward, you can always move with your family!

Maybe for you, it’s dance parties. For some, it’s wrestling on the ground! Whatever it is, do that! It takes your mind off of the camera and gives you something you usually do together that is fun and easy to capture candid moments.

#3 Don’t over think.

I know it can be hard for some, but really let go of any vision or ideas that lead to over thinking. Just be together, it’s TRULY that simple.

#4 If there is an imperfect moment…

as there are in most sessions!… Just expect that. I will either put my camera down and let everyone rebalance. Or if the moment is right, I might capture it. Because real life involves ALL emotions. I have a degree in early childhood education and one in developmental psychology. Im VERY aware of kids’ emotions and have zero judgment. I come to you with an open heart and a camera.

#5 Your kids do not care

Your kids do not care about your weight or if the house gets a million reshares on pinterest. Do this for them and not for social media. In 15 years, they will treasure this immensely. Just yesterday, I had a moment alone in the car to sit with my emotions. My mother will be in heaven now for nearly 17 years and I was thinking about how I would give anything to have video + audio of her laugh, her voice. If I could just feel her boney hug. I miss her like crazy. That’s what your kids will feel in 30 years. Give them that. Contact me and let’s talk about what memories you cherish in this season!


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