Family photography sessions with BIG KIDS | with Nashville, Tennessee Family Filmmaker + Photographer Jennie Pyfferoen

November 17, 2023

It seems somewhere in the middle of elementary school, families stop getting photos done. I think it’s because the culture of family photos is to bribe kids once a year to cooperate for family photos in clothes that are uncomfortable and at a location where they would rather play and get dirty, rather than sit and play smiley happy family.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s what I love about in-home family sessions. They can be SO much more relaxed and fun. No one has to be forced to do anything! There is another way!

father and son chopping wood.

Jax, age 10, and his father chop wood during their Day in the Life Family Photography session.

big kid family

Jax and one of his many chickens.

big kid family

Big kids still play like little kids. Let their joy be captured.

big kids loving on his chicken

Jax went into his chicken coop and loved on his favorite chickens.

father and son skipping rocks

Jax and his dad look at rocks and crawdads in the creek. and skip rocks together often. I wanted to capture their favorite memories together as father and son.father and son skipping rocks

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