Nashville Baby Photographer | Baby Jacob

August 10, 2011

Jacob rocked his session 😀 He did fantastic at posing and his chunkiness definitely showed through. He too was a reschedule from last weekend, as he needed to stay in the hospital a few extra days.

Personally, I think Jacob favors his momma. I love all the little poses he gave me and I think he rocked his pose with the tie 😀

Sarah and Justin,

Thank you for letting me photograph your adorable son!

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What a beautiful baby boy — looks like Justin to me!
I know everybody is so proud!

These pictures are fantastic! The baby is so sweet and the photography GREAT.

Great pics. What a beautiful baby!

So happy for you!

Beautiful baby boy Jacob!

These pictures are SOOOOOO precious!

Adorable little boy – Great Pictures

These are wonderful pictures of a truly beautiful (handsome) subject!! I can’t wait to meet sweet Jacob!

Incredible photos of a beautiful baby! Can’t wait to see more!

Great looking kid!

Love the pic with the tie! He’s so cute!

Too Cute !!! Love the tie, but all photos are wonderful.

Great pics of a very handsome little guy!


Ridiculously adorable….love ’em!

What a cute munchkin!! Can’t wait to teach him how to play soccer, ok…in a couple of years!!

Jacob is so precious and these pictures captured every bit of it! Speaking of bits, when my husband saw him with the tie on he made the funniest comment and said, “oh look it’s covering up his bits!” I personally love the one where Jacobs holding his head in his hands, I just love his cheeks & lips in that shot!

Outstanding…both Jacob and the pictures. Well done!

What fun pictures! He is perfect.
Thanks for sharing!

The one with the tie is my favorite!

Love all the photos. He is absolutely adorable!

What a handsome little guy!
I know you are all SO proud;
and he is soooooo precious!
Congratulations to all.

Each picture is so unique – it’s difficult to pick a favorite. He is absolutely gorgeous and I know will be much loved. Congratulations to the whole family.

Too cute for words! Great subject for great photography!!!

He’s too cute!!

Love the pictures, he is adorable!!

He is adorable and is so lucky to have two really awesome and loving parents!

My nephew is so cute!

We loved the pictures. He is adorable and your photographer did an excellent job. I have never seen such beautiful baby pictures!


Jacob is a natural in front of the camera!!! These pictures are awesome and highlight the beauty in this handsome little bundle of joy. Thank you Sara and Justin for sharing these amazing photos!!!

I think he rocked the tie, too!

So beautiful!!! Congratulations Sara!!!

These pictures are amazing. He is such precious!

He’s perfect! Great pics!

LOVE these pics and I agree the tie one is super cute!

Wonderful photos!

Great pictures!!!!

Jacob is the cutest! Love the tie!

Our grandbaby is precious. You captured his sweet personality.

He looks exactly like Sarah when she was born!

Absolutely precious! Jacob is such a beautiful baby and these pics of him are amazing!!!

I LOVE the one with his head in his hands!!!

I love the pictures!


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