4 Memories every family wants to remember

November 15, 2023

I film a lot of families in MANY seasons of life. But at the end of it all, what are the 4 MOST important memories families want to remember?

1. Those first few weeks with your newborn.

This time is the MOST fleeting. Mom and Dad are tired and the job of having a newborn is heavy. Lots of diapers and feedings and trying to figure out how to soothe this new little person. It’s a blur and a whirlwind. Trying to remember those first weeks is really hard. You mainly remember the exhaustion and diaper explosions. So, how can we do what we can to remember? We can film it. We can slow down and do as little as possible and try to soak it up. We can take a lot of photos, too.

family baking together2. Baking Together.

SO many of my clients bake with their children. If you don’t do this as a family, please don’t think you need to! But for the families who do, its a favorite memory! They love the messes and giggles and the mishaps. But what they love most, is the time spent together, making food together. It’s their heritage and part of their family culture.

3. Dance PartiesĀ 

Living in Nashville, I see so many music oriented families. So, naturally dance parties are apart of many family cultures here! and they make amazing photos and video. They love wanting to relive their dance parties together, seeing the joys and uninhibited forms of themselves. I LOVE capturing families singing and dancing together. It’s the most candid joy I see in my client sessions.

franklin tn family photographer real life documentary lifestyle at home candid

4. The Sound of their laugh.

This is the most meaningful of all. My mother passed away in 2007 and I have zero video or audio of her. What I would not GIVE to relive her laugh. Mimicking her laugh does not do it justice and I would be SO happy to see my boys experience her loud cackle. At every family film, I aim to capture as much audio and laughter as possible.

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