Nashville Birth Photographer + Videographer | The Birth of Josiah Shepherd

August 23, 2023

On Sunday, May 21st, I had the honor of filming and photographing the most gorgeous nighttime birth.

Malary was slightly passed due – which is her normal – She had gone to her son’s baseball games that afternoon and contracted all the way through. That evening, her husband called me that things were moving fast. Given it’s her fifth boy, I thought it could go very fast. I headed out around 8 pm and slightly sped the whole way. Her midwives – The Sara’s – Sarah Fuqua and Sara Rosser – were there and ready.

When we got there, Malary was her usual self between contractions. Grabbing her kids for one last photo and managing everyone ?

After a bit, things got more and more intense. Between her husband and assisting midwife, she was managing pain well. Sarah rolled some oils on her back and helped her rock her hips which seemed to help a lot with her contractions. She got into the tub!

From there, things were frustrating for Malary. Baby wasn’t coming out as quickly as we would expect. She had a lot of pain and was really expressing her frustration. They moved her to the bed and she was pushing VERY hard. Baby had shoulder dystocia and was kind of stuck, but thanks to amazing midwives, baby came out well! It was a hard delivery for Malary, but everything turned out beautifully.

Her Homebirth team rallied around her and helped her get comfortable and nursing right away. We all commented on this baby and how big he was. Malary said “ha! Michael’s mom said he would be 10 lbs” and I said “we might wanna weigh him first!”

Sure enough, he was TEN POUNDS! her biggest baby yet!!!

You just never know how birth will go, even if you have had many babies!

Her birth film is remaining private, but is the BEST one I have ever created.

Here are a few images Malary was okay sharing.

I would LOVE to capture your home birth! Let’s connect! 

midwife checks baby while on moms chest after home birth photography midwife checks baby while on moms chest after home birth photography Midwife Sara Rosser Smiles at baby just after home birth





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