Birth Photography + Videography FAQ’s

January 27, 2024

#1. What can you expect from your birth videographer + photographer? (aka me!)

I am a professional birth videographer and photographer who believes in throwing 150% of myself into each and every birth. My goal is to give you the best photos and video I can from the day of your birth. I believe in building a relationship with my clients (especially birth since it is such a sacred space!). This is why I not only meet you before we go through the booking process, but I meet you at your home. I want to see your birth space and see the vision you have for your birth. My goal is to bring you back to the very moment your baby entered the world for years to come.

mom labors during home birth in tub water birth Earthside Birth Tub

#2 How soon should you book your birth photographer + videographer?

Immediately. I know that you have to go through the process of hiring a midwife and possibly a doula and getting insurance in order to pay for your home birth, but don’t be afraid to start the conversation while you are getting your ducks in a row. I only take on 6 births a year, so availability is extremely limited.

home birth midwife examines new baby after birth

#3 When do I arrive at your birth and how long do I stay?

I aim to arrive 2-3 hrs before delivery, around 6-7 cm (all a guesstimate, as we know!) and stay approximately 2 hours after birth. I am aiming to capture all of your transition phase of birth as well as immediately after birth as you have skin to skin, cut the cord, latch for the first time. I will also capture daddy holding baby for the first time, baby getting weighed and measured during their newborn assessment and then if applicable, the siblings meeting their little baby sibling.

mother labors at home in birth tub water birth

#4 What happens if I miss the birth?

I give my clients the option of either having me call in a backup or converting their fees to other types of photography. Most often, clients don’t want an unknown person walking into their birth space, so most often we plan to convert it to a credit (this has never happened by the way!). Clients can then use it for a family film or photography sessions.

Midwife Sarah fuqua ford of August Birth loves on her client in labor during a home birth

#5 Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I do! I can divide it up into 4-6 payments, depending on your preference. As long as your invoice is paid in full by 36 weeks, all is well!

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