Nashville Birth Photographer + Videographer | Midwife Feature: Sara Rosser

May 27, 2023

Sara Rosser (who has a midwife assistant, Sarah Fuqua who works along side her) is a local midwife, based in Columbia Tennessee. I have attended two births with her and Sarah (known as the Sara’s)  as the midwife and she is just amazing! She is so peaceful and calm. In fact, most times she hardly touches the patient. Not out of laziness, but out of giving them space to labor. As long as they have what they need, she doesn’t get involved much. But if a patient needs her, she is full on there.

Her practice revolves around the freedom of birthing, less interventions, providing a safe environment with positive reinforcement to get through the birth. She fully believes in the mother is the one who is in charge. That it’s her body and her right to be in control at all times. She believes in informed consent. I have heard her ask the mother in labor more than once “are you okay If I touch you?”. She is also a Trauma Informed care provider, meaning she is informed about birth trauma and how that can effect a woman and her future births.

She never announces how dilated the mother is, IF she even checks. She is a very quiet fly on the wall, she may even be more of a fly on the wall than I am. She just lets mom labor and pops in for a heart rate check on baby every so often. She has trained and worked for The Farm Midwives and is such a phenomenally talented midwife and a beautiful person. If a mother wanted to hire Sara, they can have her at their home birth, or have a birth at The Farm.

There is a review on Sara’s website that sums her up perfectly:

                                                                                                                                                                        “Sara knew just when to help and just when to give me space to progress on my own.”

— Samantha

When a client hires me, and I find out that Sara (and Sarah) is their midwife, I am beyond excited. It is such a peaceful environment and the energy is just so quiet and calm. Sara has the best energy with a calm knowing that all is well. Learn more about my Birth Videography and Photography. Or You can inquire about it here.


Sara Rosser Midwife The Farm Midwives Home birth

Sara Rosser Midwife The Farm Midwives Home birth

Sara Rosser watching her client labor midwife checks baby while on moms chest after home birth photography midwife checks baby while on moms chest after home birth photography Midwife Sara Rosser Smiles at baby just after home birth

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