Nashville Baby Photographer | Jude’s Documentary Video + Photo Session

September 28, 2018

Sometimes in my job I get the most perfect scenario. Not only do I get to capture the stage of life that is one of the most pivotal in our lifetime, but I also am blessed to capture people I have deeply connected with. Ashlea and Matt, owners of Herban Market in Franklin, TN have become good friends of mine. I have been a crunch mom for 8 years – before it was cool to be one – Haha! Their little store has become a haven for me and my family. Before they opened, we could only get the quality of food we eat at the Franklin Farmer’s Market. But now, if we run out between Saturday’s, we can go to Herban and grab eggs or local meat, any local vegetable etc. The best part is, its small and not large like a walmart or whole foods. So, its convenient to run in really quick and grab something. I am Keto and my family is Keto/Paleo (we go back and forth) and so we don’t have many restaurants in the area to eat at. Even when we find something really great, they almost always fry in soy/canola oil and thats a big fat no for me and my family. We don’t even feel well on this one item alone. I know that I can go into herban for a round of tacos, or a great huge amazing salad. The entire story is GMO Free, all organic, mostly local, soy free – they filter out the bad for you. They have truly given my family the most amazing gift – convenience in a natural lifestyle – which is hard to come by.

Times are for sure changing. And even better, Herban Market is EXPANDING to more than double their current space. They will have a full restaurant and I CANNOT WAIT.

I suppose I should get back to my original point….

I was SO blessed to capture someone I have this deep personal relationship with. It makes my job just that much deeper and more rich – I feel even MORE joy and excitement creating a film and capturing their family during this short but super sweet time.

Without further ado, please enjoy Jude’s Newborn Film.

Welcoming Jude from Jennie Pyfferoen on Vimeo.

Below is a sneak peek of their images from their in-home documentary baby session.


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