Franklin, Tennessee Newborn Photographer | Why you should have a family film during baby’s first year

July 19, 2022

You have a newborn for ALL OF 7 WEEKS.

Your baby is an infant for all of 51 WEEKS.

Then, that’s it …. you move on to toddlerhood, which seems to go even faster.

There is nothing like that first year. The nursing and feedings, the cuddles. Their newborn skin and the little coos they make. Their smell….

It’s the MOST precious time of the entire parenting journey. Simultaneously it is the most fleeting as well as the hardest to remember

franklin Newborn photographer

Here is one of my earlier newborn films…

And This is a more recent newborn film (sweet single mama)

Later in the first year….

These mommas continue to tell me HOW incredibly precious these films are to them as their babies grow…. None of them regret their films and are SO glad they have it to go back to. Mama’s and daddies are SO exhausted that first year. I was there… TWICE… and even with a good sleeper, you are still tired, because you have someone to take care of 24/7. It is the most exhausting time in parenthood.

When I interview moms who have passed this stage and hired photographers for milestone sessions and simultaneously had their phone to take video etc, they say they find themselves revisiting their phone video more than anything. to see their babies move and walk and crawl in a video and hear the sound of their laugh… they say its priceless. The issue with phone video is that over time, it gets lost.

Download my client guide and let’s get your newborn or baby (and family) film and photography session booked, so when you look back, you have the memories where you want them.




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