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January 23, 2024

Do you or does your husband remember playing basketball with his dad?

When my son Greyson was 5, he “played soccer”… or rather, he would run back and forth pretending to be a garbage truck. I can remember it vividly (because we have video) of him running, making his lips into the shape that made the sound of a garbage truck…


He was never into athletics. Always finding frogs and loved studying snakes and reptiles and being in nature.

And then… something… changed (a lot changes in a year!) and out of nowhere in late 2022 he announced “I want to try basketball!” So we fumbled and found i9 basketball in Franklin TN.

This was the perfect league for our family. We aren’t a family who runs the rat race. We cherish time together and don’t want to raise our boys to be workaholics or too busy to actually live life. We try to role model and teach them to strive for balance, rather than money. So i9 sports, is GREAT! They have a 45 minute practice followed by a 45 minute game once a week! For 6 weeks.

Anyway, it’s now early 2024. And Greyson has turned into a full blown athlete. It’s still something my husband and I look at one another and shake our heads and say “this was not on our bingo card!” We love it, it just still shocks me that he became athletic. You just never know how these kids will shape up as they grow.

For his 11th birthday, we got him a basketball hoop and the kid practices daily! Lately he and his daddy play games together on the regular. and I HAD to capture it, because I know these will be one of those things that feels unimportant in the moment and later we realize was VERY impactful. The memories of daddy and Grey playing games, the smack talk, the wins and losses and remembering that when he asked, his daddy said YES.

It’s like that with a lot of little things in life as we raise kids. We under appreciate the value of what we are doing day in and day out. We undervalue the rocking, the snuggles, the kisses, the hugs, the boo-boo kisses, the dinner making, the game playing, the trips we take… they ALL add up to the story of our kids growing up, the story of their roots, the story of their bond with their siblings and parents. It all makes them into who they become. AND it all matters. SO much.

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