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Documenting your life in heirloom video and photos.

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"I felt like I was watching a beautiful cinematic masterpiece of my life. I saw how special our ordinary moments that I often overlook truly are, and not just to me, but my kids."

~ Theresa

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Authentic, Real, and meaningful memories for families who refuse to settle for cookie-cutter.

Nashville family photographer

"My favorite part was how relaxed the sessions are. She’s almost like a fly on the wall, present and capturing the moments while not influencing the magic of our life."

"These are the memories that I hope my kids look back on in 20 years and cherish, I know I will forever cherish them."

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It's hard to see the little moments you experience each day as important.

The moments won't feel important now. To you or your children. Only later will the importance of the moments you lived really show their true meaning.

I'm Jennie.

My work consists of real moments. Real life. Real stories. It celebrates both the joys and the struggles of parenthood.

After my mom's sudden death, my life was forever changed. I believe that our memories .. REAL memories, deserve to be captured. Movement and Sound really bring them to life.





When you book a family film or photo session with me, you are ensuring your memories aren’t lost forever on a drive somewhere buried in the closet, or on some cloud with thousands of other videos and photos that you’ve captured over the years.

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The best day ever.

You get to slow down and connect.

I will get to know your family.

I will open your gallery filled with photos telling the story of your LIFE! (video too, if you choose a film+photos session). Because films and photos are sacred, clients see them before they are ever posted to social media. Now you get to relive those moments over and over and over...

All you do during our time together, is spend time with your family! This is your chance to disconnect from the outside world and do your favorite things together. Because magic happens when families connect, the session is easy. We simply hang out together and document your everyday life. It takes a lot of trust on your part, but trust me... I truly make every client happy.

By asking questions about your family, your life, your favorite moments right now... I will get to capture the beauty that you live everyday.

You will decide if you want a film + photos session or a documentary photography session.

Book your session today. Life's memories don't have to slip away.

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Recent Family Films

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" My only regret is not having any of her videos before now! If I were to ever have another birth, setting aside and prioritizing funds in order to have her there will be a must for me! "

- Crystal B.

Mom goes through waves of labor during contraction with midwives Sara Rosser and Sarah Fuqua Ford August Birth Sarah Fuqua Nashville Franklin Spring Hill Columbia TN


“What I love about stories the most is the power they have to teach us of possibilities that might not occur to us without them.”

― Ina May Gaskin

Birth Videography

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