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July 25, 2011

I only photograph newborns and maternity sessions year round, but in September, October, November, April, and May, I photograph anything 🙂

There are a few exceptions to this “rule” if you will:

1) some individuals started their 3, 6, 9, 12 with me before I made this switch, so I am finishing up their first year packages.

2) When a friend wants me, Im there for them.

3) You never know with me, I get in moods sometimes and want to do other sessions because I have some sort of vision.


Well, for this family, #2 is the reason. This family and my family go way back. Our husbands went to High School together. She and I had babies together. Plus, they were my first subjects before I started this business :DDD

They have a BEAUTIFUL child. she has red, curly hair! I will ALWAYS want to photograph her adorablenessssss.

Thank you, Dave and Eileen, for letting me capture your family this summer!

If you want your family captured, contact me here! 

Much Love,



What a adorable model (I’m a bit biased :))! She was made to be photographed. Jenny, you have a great talent capturing these moments. Thanks.

I love the photo with Kaelyn giving the ohh no expression!

She is adorable! So glad I got to see her in Dallas.

I have never met Kaelyn, but I know her Mother and especially her Gramma Ellie! The eyes are just like Ellie’s–such a beautiful blue. Your pictures are amazing and I wish you lived closer to us Minnesotans!

amazing pictures! K looks great!

Jennie, the photos are beautiful! Kaelyn’s expressions are priceless. I think the last picture is my favorite, she is so adorable you just want to squeeze her!

These pictures are amazing! Kaelyn is adorable 🙂 My favorite is the last one! LOVE the Pankake Family!!!

Kaelyn is captured with such wimsical expressions. You are able to save that moment in time for all of us to enjoy. You can tell how at ease Kaelyn is in your presence. What a knack you have for making memories. Thanks,Jennie

K is such a beautiful little girl and these pictures are stunning!

Oh Jennie!! Wow! You’ve done it again but even better!! Didn’t think was even possible. LOVE these sweet pictures. You captured such sweet moments we will treasure forever!!

Jennie, you are AMAZING! You captured Kaelyn’s personality perfectly. I love the pictures. She is our little doll.

Ohhhh, my….K is gorgeous, and getting SOOO big. Love, love, love her red curls. Jennie, as usual, beautiful photos 🙂

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