Franklin Baby Photographer | Welcoming Noah

September 16, 2019

I recently photographed this family, welcoming their second boy into the world. I captured some of their typical day right now, in the rough part of life; adjusting to two kids.

I watched Mallory and her family adjust to the new baby as the oldest was seeking attention – as he goes from being the only child to sharing his parents.

I remember this time when I welcomed my second son into my life. So I could relate on a deep level. It was the saddest and happiest days of my life. My oldest felt confused about how much I loved him and I also wanted to soak up the time with my newest baby.

When I arrived, as is common, the house was a tad chaotic. Momma was flustered, older brother was acting out of sorts. The baby was probably crying or nursing. And Dad was just trying to keep things from falling apart.

But if you hire a professional photographer, you don’t realize you’re getting more than someone who can take photos and make a video. You’re getting a doula, friend, and comforter – all in one. Mallory even said at one point “you have such a calm about you”

See, when I saw mom flustered. I simply said it was fine. and not to worry. and that all would calm down. and so it did. When they realize that just because family members are not 100%, that the session would not fail as a result. most of the time, that settles things down.

I loved capturing this for this family. Photographing and filming families and newborn babies.



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