Nashville Newborn Baby Photographer | Echo’s Newborn session

October 7, 2014

I was so excited to meet Echo, especially after he went 2+ weeks past his due date! and just as I predicted, he was about as chill as a baby can get. I figured, since he was clearly in no rush to begin life 🙂 HA!

I adored photographing his mommy during her pregnancy and then getting to do her newborn session. She wasn’t totally sold on the newborn session – coming out of the house so soon after birth. It meant a lot to me that she did it and I don’t think she regretted it 🙂

Also, I have attached photos of her Thank you note she sent after her maternity session. It meant SO much to me and really made me smile ear to ear! Thank you, Stephanie & Smith, for letting me capture this time in your lives!


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He is so perfectly handsome!! Love these!! 🙂

I love these pics! You totally caught Echo! Such a beautiful baby!

these are wonderful.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of my nephew! Although I haven’t met him yet, I almost feel as though I have because these are such wonderful shots of Baby Echo!

your pictures were amazingly magical!

Great photos! Love all of them

fantastic pics!! In love with this baby

these are beautiful pictures!

Gorgeous!! ❤️

Wonderful pics!

So sweet!

Great pics of my handsome nephew!!!

I absolutely LOVE the family photo! Such a cute little guy!!

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Great work! Love them!

Beautiful baby boy. Very proud of this family and what they are doing. Excited for Pam and Gregg as grandparents and Michael and David as uncles!

Congratulations!!! Very handsome.

Beautiful baby! Congatulations to the hall/curry family –David’s Friend

These newborn photos are amazing. Beautiful baby with handsome Mom and Dad too. The photos will be cherished for a lifetime!

Amazing baby, beautiful family, fantastic photos! Congratulations Smith and Stephanie.

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Wow. Just…WOW. Beautiful baby, great photos!

Great pic Echo!

Awww we love david. I am sure he is going to be a great uncle! such an adorable baby!!!!

Looks like his favorite Uncle David. These are great!

Great photos of a handsome baby! There has a handsome Grandpa in the mix somewhere!

Beautiful!! Precious baby and beautiful photos!!

Amazing photos… best i’ve ever seen!

Congratulations Stephanie! Hope to come see him soon!!!

Awwwwwwwwww cutest nephew ever!!!

Pictures are so beautiful- reflections of the subjects!

He is beautiful. Can’t wait to meet him someday soon!

Beautiful pics!

Amazing pics!! Echo is adorable! Congratulations Smith and Stephanie!! 🙂

All the pictures are adorable! I hope he is sleeping this beautifully through the night if not now, soon!

This is a beautiful family and the photographs were amazing! Congratulations to all!

What a precious little boy:) born to such a sweet family.. God bless you all..

I love how you were able to capture how the internal beauty of people can intensify their external beauty! Lovely family and photos.

Awesome work, beautiful child! You have much to celebrate, and that is reflected in these photos.

Very awesome!

Wonderful and highly creative pics of a beautiful family. The bucket idea is fantastic for when they forget how small he was later!!

What a sweet, sweet baby!

Awwww, he’s so cute!!! Hope all is going well with your little man 🙂

Beautiful shots of a beautiful baby. I can’t wait to meet him.


Welcome to the world Echo. You are adorable and I can see loved by so many already.

Adorable! Congratulations!

Beautiful Echo. The photos are unreal! Congrats!

Congratulations to the three of you! Love the pictures; especially the family shots! Sending lots of love, Rob, Wendy & Elias.

Congrats Guys pics look great

Soooo sweet!

Congratulations! I couldn’t be happier for the three of you.

Beautiful pictures

Echo is super cute! Congratulations to you and your wife Smith!

Perfect little baby…beautiful shots 🙂

How much benadryl did you give that baby in order to get those shots. Especially the one where his little chin is propped on his hands! In all seriousness — what a precious little cutie and awesome pics!

Dreamboat baby! The kind fairies would leave in a floating basket. Beautiful photographs. Same photographer who did Steph’s amazing pregnant forest elf series?

Precious photos that will forever let you relive these feelings of pure love and joy. The photos are almost as amazing as the love beaming from your faces. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!

I love these! Echo is so beautiful!!

Beautiful pictures! Congrats!

These photos are great and I agree- the one with his head in his hands is so adorable and unique. Congrats!

He is the most precious boy! The pictures are lovely. Melting my heart…

Can’t believe I haven’t met him yet! Can’t wait! He’s a handsome little guy!

What a beautiful baby boy and family!!! All the best to you all.

Looking at these photos of your precious baby put a huge smile only face! So happy for your family!

Beautiful pictures! Congrats Curry’s he is adorable!

Love love love them! The Curry Family are amazing people!

Gorgeous! I love the one with all 3 of you!


Great stuff

You’re the best Jennie! AMAZING!

So cute! Nice work bro…

These pictures are amazing!!!

Echo… A beautiful soulful name … what beautiful pictures … Such a precious baby…

What amazingly beautiful pics! Y’all should be very proud of your lovely family.


Precious!!! Stephanie & Smith i am so looking forward to meeting this sweet child of yours. These pictures are wonderful!!!!!

You’ve captured that newborn family magic perfectly! These will be cherished images for life 🙂

These pics are awesome of this beautiful baby boy Echo and his proud parents! Luv these!!

What beautiful photos of such a perfect and beautiful little boy!!!

so sweet!! Love these.

such a very precious child ! the beauty of new life in the arms of true love… what amazing imagery! these photos are beyond precious… thank you for sharing them.

Love these pictures! Take them regularly! It is so important to take lots of pictures.

Beautiful photos! Congratulations Stephanie and Smith!!
Echo is precious~
Much love,
The Bolin’s

Awww! These photographs are beautiful. Stunning!! xo

Thank you so much again Jennie! My heart flutters every time I look at these photos….you did such a fantastic job! I will never forget these precious moments that you captured so well! I will never forget you either! You are awesome! Xoxo

Most beautiful baby pictures EVER!

Handsome couple, sweetest boy in the world!

Best baby pictures EVER!

precious ! love these photos.

Didn’t know a baby could sleep through so many poses. What a cutie!

What beautiful pictures. This is certainly such a beautiful family.

These are fantastic! I’m so happy she and Smith found such a great photographer to capture these precious moments!

Beautiful pictures.

Absolutely beautiful pictures! What an awesome family

Smith & Stephanie – Echo is GORGEOUS. and these pictures are sooooo precious. xojanney

I haven’t met you yet but i already love you so much Echo! These photos are beautiful and capture just how special he is inside and out!!

What beautiful photos of Echo and his family. Well done.

These photographs of sweet Echo are perfect! What a precious gift!!!

These pictures of Echo are so precious and so beautifully done. That one with his head resting in his hands….killin’ me! And the pics of Steph and Smith with the baby are just gorgeous.

I am absolutely enthralled and in love with Echo!!! Jennifer, You have captured my grandson perfectly! Thank you for sharing your artistic talent with our family however I can’t imagine how I will choose just one of these pictures.

Thank you!!
Pam Hall

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