Nashville Newborn Photographer | Kate’s in-home session

September 20, 2021

I arrived at my clients home on a Sunday morning in Nashville. The sun was shining and it was just a beautiful day. Fall is very near, leaves are starting to fall. After entering their home, Im greeted with warm smiles all around. Mom, Dad, and Grandma are just so happy to be together and to capture Baby Kate.

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Nashville Baby Photographer

Noah and Lauren (aka daddy and mommy) were so calm and happy and seemed so content in their new lives as parents to baby Kate. Before our session I had learned a few things about the family. How Baby Kate falls asleep, what momma treasures right now in this season as a new mom. So we aimed to capture that for the whole family, so they could all remember the story of when baby Kate was a baby and all the things they did learning her personality and falling in love with her more each day.

Nashville Newborn Photographer in home lifestyle documentary

Sweet Kate was in the best mood for her session, she let us change her a few times and I was able to shoot for over an hour. We truly had so much fun chatting and getting to know one another.

new baby photos nashville tennessee

Now that I have edited their session, I look back at the photos and I see warmth. I see comfort. Safety. Love. I see the story of a new family that probably feels like having a baby is both a bit foreign and also feels like they cant remember before she was earth side.

Now that my boys are 9 and 12, I know Lauren will never regret having this time captured. Especially a session that shows their true nature as new parents. These photos will always bring her right back to when little Kate fell asleep curled up on her chest. or how they would have to take her out to the back porch to soothe her. She will remember their nursing journey (which is having some struggles, so Im praying it’ll last as long as they want it to). She will remember the scene of her husband with their new daughter – how he held her or watched her. Also, he loves Kate’s facial expressions, and I think we managed to get a few on camera.

I love being able to create memories for my clients. Its the best job.

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