Nashville Family Photographer | Blanton’s Spring Session

April 17, 2019

This family. They are incredible. Sarah (mom) does an amazing job on her wardrobe – a hard task to do – particularly with 3 daughters. But she kills it time after time. Even at photography sessions where we have been eaten by mosquitos, the family and I always come through with a top notch photo session full of emotive images telling their own story. We played and laughed and some of us cried. Nashville gave us that perfect gorgeous spring day with lots of flowers, perfect temperatures and most importantly – no rain.

I find that there is one theme centered in all of my work: Motherhood.

Im sure its partially because I am a mother. But honestly, Ive been attracted to babies and pregnant women since childhood (was that creepy?)….

I knew I wanted to be a mother when I was a young child. And pregnancy and breastfeeding were natural to me. I know some women struggle there, and thats okay, I just didn’t. I recall  thinking I wouldn’t know what to do with a child after about age 5 (thats pretty true, but now my boys are 6 & 9 and I guess Im figuring it out… or so I hope).

I find my best work, is capturing mothers in their moment. Fathers too, because I can see that through the mother’s eyes. But seeing a mother in her raw element, mothering her child in any way – even if its a moment of tears, a scraped knee, or wiping snot – that tugs at my artistic and mothering heart strings. Because its those in between moments, that we take for granted at times. That will go away one day and we will miss and crave the most.

Some of my favorite times as a mother, are taking care of sick children. Don’t get me wrong, its rough – but somewhere along the way, I started to see the beauty in illness. Calmer, slower days. Filled with rest and snuggles. It brings us closer, every time. The older they get, the more I treasure this. (Definitely was not a fan of sickness under the age of 3 when you worried they would never get well again).

Here are my favorite images from this day with this precious family.

If you want your family captured, contact me here! 


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