Franklin, Tennessee Family Photographer | 8 ideas to make your family photo session different from the rest.

May 17, 2023

I talk about how much family photography has changed over the years. Let me give you some insight into the back end of photography businesses and explain why many photographers are copy cat / cookie cutter photographers. (no offense to any of them, I was one of them!)

About 10 years ago, social media REALLY took off. There was a very business friendly algorithm on facebook and we could post and go viral easily. As such, a handful of amazing photographers became the leaders of the industry. That lead to people wanting to do work that looked just like them. Which lead to photographers wanting to learn from other photographers. A beautiful thing. But like all things, there is always a downside. The downsides to this was that 1. It cheapened the industry and created a photographer on every corner. and 2. It lead to a copycat industry. The main photographer sold her process and editing style to hundreds, who then trained others and so on. And I recall 5 or so years ago, scrolling and not being able to distinguish between photographers. I have a personality that likes to be different than the rest. So this sat weird with me. Then I found Family films and really felt like we had lead away from the true intention of memory making and that we have created a photography industry built on trends and facades and away from real memories.

Don’t get me wrong. ALL photos have value. But we have a generation that has only Christmas card photos and nothing from their everyday. Oh Cell phone photos? You mean the THOUSANDS they have stored somewhere on a cloud? Unless moms print those…. they don’t end up being handed down. I think cell phone photos have also lead us to miss out on our real memories, because they make us think we are capturing our everyday… Except nothing happens with them.

Back to my main topic… 8 ideas to make your family photo session different or unique!

Make it personal.

Do it at your home or favorite place that you visit in REAL life. Don’t choose a random park you rarely go to at a time you would never go and sit on a quilt you would never sit on in clothes you would never wear ?

Franklin Tennessee Family Photographer filmmaker videographer

What are your favorite memories right now?

Those will be the ones you want to revisit later.

While I do prioritize making BEAUTIFUL images, perfectly composed… It comes SECOND to MEANINGFUL moments. and sometimes a meaningful moment is not the most viral posted photo. Sometimes it’s kind of just regular. But to the family in the photo … its MEMORIES and MEANINGFUL. The photo below is of their normal life, building legos together on the floor. This momma wrote in her questionnaire that this was meaningful to her. So it was photographed.

Never look at the camera

– okay maybe for ONE photo – but really. Let the camera and photographer be a fly on the wall. You’ll get the BEST candids!

 Embrace the chaos or not so curated moments.

Some of the best photos come when a child is tired or a toddler has fallen down and needs a loving embrace. Sometimes, its the only time they want to be held!

franklin TN newborn photographer day in the life real life candid in home lifestyle documentary

Trust your photographer!


Trust that we can deal with imperfect moments, messy homes and stressed out families! I am really good at handling the occasional rough morning before I arrive. and Mom is stressed and I can usually diffuse the energy well. I am also VERY patient. That leads to the most successful sessions.

Don’t worry about what you look like.

just be with your kids and spouse.

Let me worry about angles that are flattering. When you focus on family connection, the rest is magic.

nashville family photographer and filmmaker videographer

Have a documentary photo session.

These are the type I offer, whether it is¬†a family film or documentary style day in the life photography sessions... and the reason they are so wonderful is that they are SO easy. You don’t have to get all gussied up and you don’t have to force anyone to do anything. You literally do whatever you want! If your toddler changes activities every 2 minutes, then all we have to do is follow them around ?

child pouts

Hesitant Dad?

Does dad hate photo sessions? Absolutely he will love documentary then! Dads LOVE me… why? Because I don’t force them to smile at me or pose awkwardly. They just have to be with their kids. It is SO easy.

family baking together

Interested in a family day in the life photo session or family film? I would LOVE to talk to you! Contact me here.

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