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November 15, 2019

If I asked you to think of your favorite people and the memories you most treasure with them, would you say it was when you were posed on a quilt in a field for your annual check list family session?

No. you wouldn’t.

So why are we investing in just this type of photography? Im not saying no to posed or lifestyle sessions, but I am saying we need to say yes more to real life memories. Meaningful sessions with the purpose behind them to preserve our memories.

I have been a photographer for almost 10 years. Its been trend after trend after trend. and at some point around year 7-8, I subconsciously became sick of it. I didn’t know why. I didn’t know what happened exactly, other than my own family had our own documentary shoot.

I had hired a photographer from Australia, who was visiting the area, to film my family. She said the session came with photos, but initially, I didn’t care much about those.

But then, I received the images before the film. and the images had me breaking down in tears. This moment changed my heart forever. I entered into a transition of finding my own authentic self as an artist. and never looked back.

It all makes sense in hindsight. My degree is Psychology. Im excellent at reading people and moments. at Feeling what people are feeling. I just allowed trendy photography to deter me from my true inner self for far too long. I still love capturing families outside in lifestyle sessions, but it doesn’t feed my soul like documentary.

My theory is, is that inside all of us, particularly mothers…. there is this part of us that wants raw real photographs and videos of our everyday. As mothers, we can see that the boo-boos, the sick days, the stories that are being told to our children, the quick hugs, the long snuggles, and the giggles, are the real moments that make our hearts go pitter patter. I just think we are too afraid of something way off in left field, to fully invest and jump into it.

I hear it all the time …. “Our lives are not that interesting” and Im here to tell you, thats a lie you’re telling yourself. Your life is interesting. Because it is your family’s story. and that is the most interesting life that there is. Photos and film of your family – that goes above and beyond any staged session that there is.

I met with a momma the other day, as she is hiring me to capture her life with a 3 year and 1 year old twins. I asked her why she wanted a film. I wish I could have videoed her long answer. I will try to paraphrase what she said. It made my heart soar.

“I look back at photos of my 3 year old as a baby and I already find that I forgot things that I didn’t realize I would forget. I have always wanted a big family and I feel so blessed to already have 3 kids. Its absolute chaos, but I love our chaos and I want that story to be told”

Y’all, I nearly cried listening to this mommas heart!

One final thing. Preserving these memories, isn’t just about what momma wants to remember. It is also about documenting the childhood of her children. Capturing life as it happened – so that your children can look back and remember their LIVES and how they LIVED in YOUR family.

So lets get back to the heart of photography. Preserving our real raw memories, so we can look back and truly remember.

If you want your family captured, contact me here! 



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