Nashville, TN Family Photographer | my top 5 client testimonials

July 9, 2022

Being invited into a family’s home to capture them not only for photography but also videography is something I cherish deeply. I am so honored to be able to bear witness to a family’s most vulnerable moments. I wish I could tell you every family film was absolutely peaceful and easy and just a walk in the park! And for some families, it is! most have a mix of moments ranging from boisterous to hilarious! Some are quite calm and sweet and some feel like absolute chaos (to the family – Im not bothered by any of it!). But every single one turns out an amazing film. Why? Because I don’t need a lot of clips to make the film. I also can’t use most of what I shoot to make a 3-5 minute film! I also have a trained eye and know where the best moments are. I can predict them most times and am ready to film it! But regardless of what happens during your session, I’m there calm and poised.

You see, None of it phases me. I see it all as beautiful life. and Life is truly filled with all range of emotions and behaviors and moods. It is what makes life so amazing! Below I wanted to share my top 5 Reviews from previous Film Clients! But first, here are 2 images showing a huge range of interactions during a film.

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OOPS! I did SIX! I am just SO in love with this gig of family photography and film making. I truly cherish EVERY client. Giving them this treasure is an enormous gift. I cannot wait to see what the rest of this year unfolds.

If you are thinking about hiring me to capture your family, you can download my family photography and film client guide to learn more here!

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