Nashville Family Photographer | Why are family photos so stressful?

April 10, 2023

You booked your session months ago and now its DAYS away. You don’t have your wardrobe chosen, your kids have snotty noses, and you feel like you cannot keep up with your to do list.

Family photos… POSED family photos (which includes “lifestyle”) are SO STRESSFUL. Choosing wardrobes that match but not too matchy …. knowing you have invested money and time into this little hour session that MUST GO WELL OR ELSE…. which leads to bribes and threats and an overall BAD experience.

I have the answer for you that will remove at least 90% of that stress.


They are not all that meaningful… they do not capture the snuggles you get first thing in the morning, or the toddler babble your two year old speaks throughout the day. They do not capture the way your nursing infant loves to play with your hair… or the voice of mom reading her child’s favorite book. They miss the moments where your 5 year old catches a frog and has the dirtiest hands. Or what about the sound of laughter that fills your walls? All of that is missed… and for what? So you can have a Christmas card photo and check the  box for annual family photos? That express fake happiness because in reality you were so stressed and sweaty from wrangling all the kiddos for the shoot.

Just stop doing it. You won’t miss those photos, I promise. And if you do, you can always grab a mini session, they’re literally on every corner!

Okay, it all sounds good in theory, right? Let me show you what clients have said about the ease of their family film and or photography session (I offer both!)

Check out my family films here! And if you are not quite ready for a video and photos session, learn more about documentary photography here!



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