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November 14, 2018

Some people are adults, who now have family movies from their childhood. They watch them and recall their childhood. This is especially wonderful if a family member has passed away. To be able to go back in time, quite literally. Maybe on the video, we see how mom would snuggle little Ethan, or kiss Hannah’s boo-boos. We see how Dad would play catch in the front yard on Thanksgiving with Tony, or how the cousins would always have pie fights.

But now, in 2018, we are lacking this, a lot. Unless its a video that comes up from years passed on Facebook, we don’t have these videos of childhood to recall in the future. Having the annual Christmas Card or Fall family shoot is great and all, but is this truly capturing time? Is this really meaningful? Is it the actual meaning behind what photography was intended for?

I got married in 2006, so it was not a common thing to video the wedding. At the last minute, someone asked to take a candid video with a handheld camcorder. and I said yes, absolutely. That day was the last day I saw my mother. My mother died 3 weeks after my wedding.

When the end happens, I want to have as few regrets as possible. And when social media is gone and all of life’s chaos is stripped away, when were saying our goodbyes, I know that what will truly be missed, is the moments. Not the posed ones in the field for the annual family shoot, but the everyday boo-boos and games, the naughty child who sprayed the sink with shaving cream, the way little Roman would giggle every single time his daddy played peek-a-boo. The way daddy would blow raspberries at bed time, or the teeth brushing chaos of having 5 children. The TRUE purpose behind photography is to remember THE MOMENTS. To capture the facial expression, the emotional connection, and the personalities. To tell YOUR FAMILY’S Story of today.

Some people think their family isn’t interesting enough for a film. That could not be further from the truth. EVERY family is worthy of being honored with film and photos of their true selves! Everyone is beautifully IMPERFECT. Just as we were made. Just as we are.

In the end, it wont be the posed yearly photo we grab at. It will be the videos, so we can hear his laughter that we haven’t heard in years. It will be our favorite image capturing a moment in time that told the story of love and connection.

If you want your family captured, contact me here! 


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