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May 28, 2023

How a mother decorates her birth space matters for a few reasons. For one, She is going to want to feel good in her environment during her labor and birth. The decor should feel inspiring and encouraging. But also, if she is hiring a photographer or videographer, the lighting may impact how the film and photos turns out.

If at all possible, avoid anything that will make the lighting blue or orange. orangey light bulbs, candles, salt lamps etc should be avoided. Aim for table side lamps with a middle of the road light color. So, not too blue or too orange. Candles can work if done minimally. I used to say no to string lights, but it really just depends. Some are really orangey. Recently, I had a birth client whom I spoke with at length about this because she really liked them. My goal is to find a compromise that puts her labor environment first but also helps her have a beautiful film. Because of this discussion, she put the twinkly lights behind her white curtains and it was SO DREAMY! It also provided a lot of light in addition to the table side lamps she had. It was so beautiful and bright.

Definitely inspiring quotes, prayers etc. They make good “B-roll” for video – aka video of stuff and not humans! Which helps me tell the story more fully.

There is a new white birthing tub that is taking the birth world by storm… I hope a future client uses it, it looks amazing! It just came out and is available to purchase from Amazon next month!

If you are thinking about having a birth videographer/photographer at your birth, my calendar books up fast! Contact me here!

Sara Rosser watching her client labor

birth wall decor inspiring quotes

home birth team helps momma through contraction

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