Franklin Tennessee Family Photographer | The Bruno Family Film

December 11, 2022

When Jessica reached out to me, she vocalized her concerns over having a film for her family. She has an older son with autism, and was worried how it would turn out. She felt comforted that I had an early childhood education degree and a bachelor’s in developmental psychology and specialized in autism. She knew I could roll with it well.

I am so glad she took the chance, because their film is SO amazing. I was so emotional during our shoot because I just felt such a deep love flowing from this child’s parents towards their son. I was also able to capture him saying words and I felt like I had hit the lottery when at one point, he made eye contact with me.

I had so much fun filming them at their home in Franklin, Tennessee and then riding with them to a nearby creek. Their son LOVED the water and it was so beautiful watching them play together.

I pray they cherish this film forever. That their son will be able to watch this later and I pray he can feel what it shows…. their deep love and devotion to he and his brother.

Filming families is BEYOND my biggest joy! (Aside from my own children). I would LOVE to chat with you about filming your family!

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The Bruno Family | September 2022 from Jennie Pyfferoen on Vimeo.

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