Franklin, Tennessee Family Photographer | 3 things I want every mom to know before they book a session with me

November 3, 2021

3 things I want every mom to know before they book a session with me

I’m not just a photographer and family film maker. Im a mother of 2 boys (9 & 12) and a wife. I also don’t have much family near me, so we do a lot on our own for our family. I dont have a nanny or mommy’s helper. I try to have a cleaning person come once a month. Because my house is almost always a disaster from driving 400 miles during the weekdays taking my boys to their various activities. 

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Franklin tn documentary lifestyle in home photography

I know what its like to be down in the trenches of motherhood. I know the whole range of emotions that comes along side parenting because I. am. right. There. with. you. If you have ever thought about having a shoot with me but you’ve held back, I want you to know these 3 things before you book with me.

  1. I am totally and completely non judgmental when it comes to how fancy and or clean your home is. I know that in the age of Pinterest and instagram, that it makes us feel unnecessary shame about our homes being less then. Less than clean enough, less than fancy enough. If you have a fancy perfect home, that’s awesome! IF you are a type A person with a perfectly clean house, that’s amazing, and I wish I had that skill set. (Which is why I definitely have to have a cleaning person to keep me up on some level of home maintenance). But let me tell you, I will not even blink one thought of judgment if your home is less than perfect. I actually find it endearing when moms allow me to see them vulnerable and imperfect, its where my creativity feels prioritized over this looming cloud of perfection striving our culture has created. I have come into homes that were perfectly cleaned (almost always professionally) and homes that had a chair in the corner with laundry covering it. Almost every single newborn photography session had baby items everywhere. And No, I won’t be coming in and photographing your mess either. Im there to capture the connection between your family and the story of your relationship with one another. When I’m behind the camera Im thinking about light and angles and composition. If something needs moved, I just move it. Otherwise, I am unconcerned. I find that many times, mothers are worried about something that’s going to be very blurred in the photos anyway.

Franklin tn documentary lifestyle in home photography

  1. You are beautiful. period. And also,  YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are worthy – regardless of your body shape – or your fitness level – these photos aren’t just for you either, they are also for the children and your husband, who would miss you no matter what you looked like. Your family and your kids think the world of you, they dont see the pimple on your chin, or the few extra pounds. I hear mommas all the time say they want a film or shoot when ….. they lose the weight ….. or when the walls are painted. Here’s the deal: If you wait six months and something tragically changes about your family, you won’t be able to go back and you won’t give a damn about these things, so stop making them be a deciding factor for memory making. Your body doesn’t make you less than and doesn’t mean you dont deserve happiness and memories captured. This time is going to pass and you cannot go back. My sincere wish is that you see yourself the way your children see you. Brave, beautiful, strong, kind, loving and safe. Your perceived imperfections are perfect. 

Franklin tn documentary lifestyle in home photography

  1. Your kids are fine. No matter how they are behaving. I have 2 boys who fight a lot. Im used to chaos and rowdiness. We are going to embrace the crazy. The Best sessions are when moms and dads aren’t trying to overly control behavior of kids, and they are just letting them be. I won’t be asking your kids to cooperate in any way, I am a fly on the wall. Removing those expectations for a perfect photo really transforms the entire session. If your child is one that begs for attention and loves new people, dont worry, they will eventually forget about me and I will be able to capture them genuinely. Our sessions are truly fun, very laid back, and even dads love them because there aren’t high expectations to be perfect, act perfectly, or look perfect. There is no wardrobe coordination (this alone should bring people to getting documentary sessions, because lord knows the sweat and tears that goes into wardrobe planning).

The best sessions are with clients who understand all 3 of these things. You are fine. Your house is fine. Your kids are fine. Book the session, laugh a lot, hug your kids, connect as a family. You deserve these memories. 



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