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September 23, 2021

Up until recently, I haven’t been able to offer Birth Films or Photography. We dont have family that lives in the area and my kids were too young. But our lives have shifted. My husband’s job is more flexible to be able to leave and come home midday if needed. My boys are now 9&12 and can stay at home for limited times.

For the past 4 years, I have had my dozen or so doulaand midwife friends beg me to do births. But I resisted for the reasons already mentioned, plus I really needed my sleep.

Franklin TN Home birth photographer videographer

Crystal is amazing. I was crying as I was filming. I was in awe of her calm and bravery. Crystal has 2 girls and this was her 3rd. Her first two were hospital inductions. She’s a nicu nurse as well and dreamed of her home birth. 

After Presley (her 3rd baby girl) was born, she said home birth unmedicated was significantly easier than hospital induction. 

I was at her house for about 2 hrs before baby arrived earth side. 

Franklin TN Home birth photographer videographer

What I found most fascinating about this home birth was the lack of interference or commentary. Never did anyone announce how close to birth she was. How dilated she was. They were very hands off. They knew momma could birth. And they simply allowed it. 

At one point crystal said “for a second I thought I could push but it went away” and the midwife replied “okay then don’t push”

Basically. Trust yourself. 

Trusting your self is 95% of everything. And 100% of how a baby is birthed. 

Franklin TN Home birth photographer videographer

Crystal’s Birth Midwife:

Crystal’s Doula:

Crystal’s Placenta Encapsulation:

Crystal took the time to write a review on my google page: “Jennie is so amazing!!! What she captured during my daughter’s birth is absolutely priceless! Watching her video afterwards was such an empowering, whimsical, and spiritual experience!!! There were moments that had just happened days before that I had already forgotten, until I saw the video! My 2 yo, who was present at the birth, requests to watch the video frequently, she absolutely loves it. I can not wait for my youngest to be able to see the moment she came into this world! My only regret is not having any of her videos before now! If I were to ever have another birth, setting aside and prioritizing funds in order to have her there will be a must for me! I look forward to having her do family films for us in the future! Hands down she is THE BEST in the business! Her passion and talents are a true gift! And she truly cares about each and every client! Having her at our birth was absolutely a blessing from God! If you don’t hire Jennie, you will regret it!”

Big Sister was there for her momma a lot. Both girls were in the room and absolutely not panicked about what was happening. Kids often have an internal sense of what is happening. It is so neat to watch.

Franklin TN Home birth photographer videographer

Franklin TN Home birth photographer videographer

This bottom image of dad, mom and baby ripped me to shreds emotionally. Just an absolutely amazing moment. Raw emotion. I would love to capture your birth! Let’s chat.



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