What to Expect

I have been a photographer since January 2010. For the first years, I photographed newborns only. Since 2014, I have since branched out into other areas, I photograph newborns, babies, children, maternity, and families. I love light and creating Art from my photographs.

Newborn Sessions
My newborn sessions are All Inclusive. Meaning, I take care of you from start to finish. You are very well prepped for your session. I will photograph your newborn in your home, so you can stay home and I will come to you. I don’t use props and I will take very classic, baby led simple shots of your newborn so that you can always remember just how he or she was at this tender age!

Plan to arrange to be added to my list of expecting moms during your pregnancy, as my list can fill up quickly.

You may either book a Lifestyle Session with Jennie herself, or you may choose a posed type of session with Kellie. Both options are gloriously organic, simplistic and neutral types of styles!

During newborn sessions, the environment will need to be at a toasty 85 degrees to keep the baby nice and warm while they are naked. Please keep this in mind when getting ready for your session. I suggest dressing in layers so you can peel them away if you get warm.

Maternity Sessions

My goal for maternity sessions is to show that you don’t have to show off your nude body to create art for your all. I prefer to put women in long flowy dresses and to photograph them in fields, woods, creeks, and any other natural habitat, to provide an artistic composition for you and your family to have forever. As like newborn photography, I prefer images to be classic and timeless, so that in 5 years and in 50 years, your photos will still be loved.

Maternity Sessions are all inclusive. I will bring a wardrobe for you to choose from and we will go through 2-4 outfits. Sessions last 1-2 hrs, depending on the location. Once the cold weather rolls in, these sessions can be moved into the studio.

Feel free to discuss any ideas you have to incorporate into your session.

Family Sessions

I love photographing families. During your family shoot, I will get a few shots “smiling at the camera” but really, thats not what I love. I love the ones where no one is looking at the camera and I capture you being you! My goal is to capture emotion and connection through photographs.

Child Sessions

Children are so wonderful. I have two boys of my own and its so amazing to see them grow and see the magic in their childhood spirit. THIS is what I want to capture during a session with a child. I will let them do whatever they wish, and just capture them doing that. I won’t really guide them much or make them smile at me. Usually, after a bit, they relax and thats when the magic really happens!