Newborn Mentoring: Nashville, Tennessee Newborn Posing Workshops

Jennie (along with Heather Solima) offers 2 on 1 mentoring in our studio in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. It includes a comprehensive and intense learning experience with 1  or 2 newborn models, depending on your package choice. Hands on posing is also an option. We will cover camera settings, metering, white balance and how to get the perfect exposure and best image in camera. We will show you how to  perfect your posing, how to effectively transition babies, soothing techniques and how to communicate with parents.  This is the perfect mentorship for photographers who want to provide beautiful images for their newborn clients.  We will also go over editing, starting with how to get a nice clean edit, and how to achieve that Dreamy Newborn Look.  Editing will be focused on newborns, but the basic principles apply to all forms of portrait photography.  You are also able to take photos during the workshop to use in your portfolio!

Registration | Please email to inquire about registering.


The Content | During your mentorship we will go over workflow, perfect lighting with natural light, metering, white balance, exposure, camera settings, and our personal preferences.  We will show you newborn posing, transitioning, as well as soothing techniques and how to work with parents. We will go over, in detail, how to edit newborns and how to achieve that dreamy skin tone.   We will also go over instruction covering mommy/newborn and daddy/newborn posing.  With two instructors, you will have plenty of opportunities to ask any questions:)

The Requirements | Before attending, you should have a DSLR camera that you’re familiar with, including how to use it in manual mode.  You should have some understanding of aperture, ISO, and shutter speed,  though we will go over our settings.  We both shoot using Canon 5D Mark III’s, and 50mm lenses.  Because all cameras are different, we suggest bringing your manual along with your memory cards, batteries, and charger.  Laptop and macro are optional.  You should also be familiar with basic Photoshop tools.  Once your deposit has been made you will receive email communication with many more details.



“In November of 2011, I had the privilege to book a 2-day mentor session with Jennie. At that time I had only photographed a few newborns and knew I needed someone with skill and a style I liked to show me the ropes. Not only does Jennie teach you how to pose newborns safely and with ease when moving from pose to pose – she also gave me the confidence I needed to handle such precious little ones. Day 1 was all about observing and understanding different techniques while shooting a newborn in her fabulous natural light studio. Day 2 is a lot more hands on – Jennie allowed me to take control of the newborn model’s session and would only step in if she thought I needed help. She also took time during the 2 days to discuss SEO, Branding, workflow, and editing tips that have helped me expand my business. I highly recommend Jennie as your potential mentor. Her passion for newborns and dedication to health of both mother and child is apparent by reading her blog and talking to her over a nice lunch!” ~ Julie Barber Neill


“When I launched my business in 2011 I had only photographed a handful of newborns but knew early on that it would quickly develop into my passion.  I was determined to be successful at it and wanted to focus on “perfecting” it.  In March 2012 I had the pleasure of mentoring with Jennie and I believe that it is the greatest decision I have made in my photography career.  Jennie not only taught me the ins and outs on everything there is to know about newborn photography, from prepping, posing, soothing, lighting, workflow, business building, marketing, etc., she also helped me find the confidence to carry on my dream of being a newborn artist and a successful business owner. If you are wondering if the cost is worth it, the answer is YES!  If you want to stand out from the rest and take your newborn work and business to the next level, this is an investment that will help you do so and will help skyrocket your business.  You will not regret it!” ~ Sarah A.

“When I first booked a workshop with Jennie and Heather, I was overwhelmed with anxiousness.  I was excited to learn and grow and become a better photographer, but I was also TERRIFIED that none of that would happen at all.  I was worried that it wouldn’t be worth my time and expenses… but those worries couldn’t have been more wrong.

Working with Jennie and Heather was worth every penny and every minute of driving (eight hours). They are both great teachers, willing to answer absolutely any question I had.  Jennie taught me how to pose and work the baby and Heather taught me post processing.  I was amazed at how dedicated they were to help me.  Throughout the day, I needed some camera technical help and since I shoot Nikon, they couldn’t give me immediate help, but Heather spent a lot of time googling to help me fix what I needed.  They are not only great teachers, but they are just all-around great people.  I enjoyed simply spending time with them almost as much as I enjoyed learning so many new things.
I truly cannot say enough good things about Jennie and Heather! I can’t thank them enough!”
~ Taylor Elchert

“I cannot thank Jennie enough for the time she spent teaching me. She is such a great teacher, too! I chose to do a 1:1 mentorship with Jennie with 2 newborns so that I could get as much experience and feedback as possible. Jennie was really hands-on and very detailed during the entire process. She explained everything from how she handles clients when they walk into her studio, both calm and nervous moms/dads, to difficult babies, soothing techniques, what NOT to do, transitioning, and the list goes on! She is an open book which is not something you get with all photographers. Any questions I had, she gladly answered. And, I got to pose the second newborn. Again, not something you get with all workshops. When I had trouble, she didn’t just take over. She would put her hand over mine and guide it to show me the correct technique. That makes an outstanding teacher! I also loved that we didn’t just talk shop. We spoke openly about our kids, our love for TOMS shoes, and food.After our posing part was up, I got to spend some time with Heather from June Star Photography discussing processing. This has helped me tremendously speed up my work flow. Heather has so many tips and tricks up her sleeves (and is hilarious)! She and Jennie process the same way, and I just love their styles!I honestly cannot express my love for these ladies enough and how much they’ve helped me. They are two of the greatest women you’ll meet in the photography world who are kind enough to share their secrets.”

Heather Stockett
HCS Photography

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