Sarabeth. You radiate beauty! What a glowing pregnant woman she is. We had such a great time photographing her pregnancy. It was a tad chilly, but she was game and preferred to do it outside.

Not too many Men are excited to have photographs done. So, to remedy this, I keep the couple shots at 20 mins of the shoot. That way, the men know they can tolerate 20 mins and then they are done. They are happy and keeping my clients happy is my main goal!

I love having a wardrobe for my clients to use. I provide many dresses for maternity shoots. I also provided the flower crown that Sarabeth wore. I love helping a woman feel good in her pregnant body. Our bodies were meant to do this and its just amazing!

At the end of our cold shoot, 3 pigs showed up to my house. They lingered from a nearby farm. It was HILARIOUS. They were sweet and gentle and stayed away from us. But since I had my camera out, I snapped a shot of them (see below).



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