5 years ago, my youngest was born. In hindsight, I think this was when my love for films/videography was born. I just did not know it yet. I had a videographer at my birth. To this day, when the song on my film begins to play, I tear up at the first note. When I shoot, I shoot to make people FEEL something. I don’t wish to capture “things” like props and clutter etc. I want to capture EMOTION. I want to convey a feeling through imagery.

This year, in January. Before I had even found the workshop I eventually attended. I KNEW in my heart, this year was going to be a year of drastic change for my work. Its happening and Im more excited than ever. This is one of my many Heights of my career – Im shifting – into more emotive, documentary work, with still some lifestyle portions too.

Wondering what documentary is? and Lifestyle? Lifestyle portraits, they capture emotion but the photographer gives subtle cues. Where as posed portraits, are 100% directed by the photographer. Documentary – the photographer says nothing. she waits for things to happen. These don’t usually happen outdoors. They happen inside the home and capture the raw moments. The in between moments we don’t always see. The time the baby fell down on his knee and needed a bandaid. Those moments capture pure mommy hood. Pure childhood in their rawest forms. These really pull at my heart.

A baby with a pacifier, seems so silly, but when captured just right, to me it speaks and tells an entire story about the time in the life when there was a little baby sucking on a paci. This time is FLEETING. We do not get it back.

I definitely wrote more than I planned, and it was all from my heart. Please go check out my 3-4 min Film Capturing a Day in the life of the Jordan Family. A precious family who I have been working with for a few years. Who has 1 and 3 year old boys. This film made both parents cry. Xoxo

Jordan Family Film: