Here are some questions that are frequently asked by my clients. If you have a question that is not answered below, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

What is the best age to photograph a newborn baby?
The best time is when the baby is between five and ten days old. This range can change if a baby is born premature. After the baby is ten days old, it becomes harder to get the baby to sleep soundly so I can pose them in unique ways.

Some shots look as if baby is unsafe, what about those?
Some shots look as if baby is unsafe, like when you see babies in my portfolio holding their heads on a guitar, or babies on a rock in a creek. Please understand that photoshop is involved and hands are on baby, or mom is in the creek with baby, etc. Babies are never put at risk!

How far in advance should I book a newborn session?
For newborn sessions, it is best if you contact me before you give birth. When you decide to book a newborn session, I add you to my expecting momma schedule based on your expected due date. Once your baby arrives, we will determine the best time to photograph your baby. Ideally, this is between 5-10 days old.

When should I book my maternity session?
Most women have their maternity session between the 32nd and 36th week of their pregnancy. For a maternity session, I recommend booking as early as possible.

How soon will I see the finished images?
My average turnaround time is around 3-4 weeks, but I post a couple sneak peek images within a couple days on Facebook. I blog about your session within 2-3 weeks. The turn around time is slowest for newborns, as I do detailed retouching on their skin.

How do I order prints?
Once I have professionally edited your newborn or maternity photos, they are uploaded to a password-protected gallery where you can order online. Feel free to share the password with family and friends so they may view the gallery. Once you place an order, you will receive your images in about 1-2 weeks, depending on the products ordered. If you ever have a need that requires faster processing, please let me know.

I still have some questions. How can I contact you?
You may use the contact form found here. You may also call me at 615-584-3363 or email me at jenniepyfferoen@gmail.com