Baby Boy Jaxon 11 Days New | Nashville, Tennessee’s Premier Newborn Photographer

Jaxon was such a dream! He was sleepy and posed so well! he didn’t mind any of my poses (I skip poses that are uncomfortable for babies). He was done in a 1.5 hrs and I got some fun shots! His mommy was nervous about her mommy/baby photo but LOVED it! That is what I aim to do – make women feel as beautiful as they really are;)

I can’t wait to finish his gallery. What a little ham.


JPMASTER-02 copysmall






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Linda Thayer - Precious Pictures and Precious Little Jaxon. Pictures are so sweet and loving. Thanks you for letting us enjoy Jaxon from the beginning.

Joy - I love the image in the wagon, what a beautiful baby!

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Baby Catherine is 3 months! | Nashville, Tennessee Baby Photographer

I used to do milestone, first year, 3-6-9-12, whateveryouwanttocallthem sessions. But then I got pregnant with my second in 2011 and couldn’t chase babies around and had my own baby and couldn’t be gone all day long, so I stopped doing them.

But now, he is (sadly) 20 months old and I can take on more work;)

This was my first time photographing a 3 month old (except for when my baby was 3 months) in my studio and I LOVE how it turned out. Later this week I will blog another 3 month old but in a  lifestyle format. Im hoping to let me clients choose between studio and lifestyle for the 3 month milestone! Both are so fun and different!

Miss C did not disappoint. she has to be the most beautiful baby ever! (I say that about all my clients babies, and its always true!)

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Mommy Camera Workshop February 9th, 2014 | Nashville, Tennessee’s Premier Photographer


So many moms these days are wanting to capture candid photos of their kids on a regular basis. They do not want to fork out hundreds of dollars every few months while missing the in between stuff, such as clapping, singing, walking, rolling, crawling, getting in the cabinets, etc.

These mommas decide to buy a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera, thinking this will easily accomplish their goal. But the truth is, they try to use it in many of the same situations they would have used their point and shoot, but end up with dark or blurred images.

So Im offering a workshop for these mommies!   If the kiddos are there, moms will not be able to focus. I really want them to get their money’s worth.

If you are thinking about this workshop, but are wondering if it is what you need, think about this: Are you wanting to simply capture better images of your child? Or are you really wanting to get into photography?

If you are wanting to get into photography, I highly recommend contacting me for a photographer’s workshop. This mommy camera workshop will not help you become a photographer. Here is what I will include in the mommy camera workshop:

- flash

- formatting

- lenses

- basic settings (what is shutter speed?) (What is fstop?) (what is ISO?)

- very basic lighting

- computer programs to use to “edit” in (But I will not be covering how to edit photos)

- focusing

- outdoor shots

- an actual model to photograph

My charge for spending the afternoon with you will be $99 per momma. The limit on this workshop will be 12 women. I will host this in my home, as I think it will allow for a situation similar to your own home environment. Light snacks and drinks will be provided. Each Mom needs to be local to Mid Tn and have a DSLR camera and at least one lens. Please bring these with you.

The date I will host this is going to be February 9th, 2014 at 2:00.

To sign up for this, please email me at and let me know. From there, we can make arrangements. I am so excited to do this! I LOVE teaching and mentoring!

Amanda Pelham - I have a two month old and am very interested in getting better with my dslr camera!!

Katy Collinsworth - I’m sad I missed this…would love to participate next time!

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