So many moms these days are wanting to capture candid photos of their kids on a regular basis.

These mommas go buy a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera, thinking this will easily accomplish their goal. But the truth is, they try to use it in many of the same situations they would have used their point and shoot, but end up with dark or blurred images.

So I will be hosting a workshop for my momma friends. I feel that a weekend afternoon around lunch time with no kiddos would be best. If the kiddos are there, moms will not be able to focus. I really want them to get their money’s worth.

If you are thinking about this workshop, but are wondering if it is what you need, think about this: Are you wanting to simply capture better images of your child? Or are you really wanting to get into photography?

If you are wanting to get into photography, I highly recommend contacting me for a photographer’s workshop. This mommy camera workshop will not help you become a photographer. Here is what I will include in the mommy camera workshop:

– flash

– formatting

– lenses

– basic settings (what is shutter speed?) (What is fstop?) (what is ISO?)

– very basic lighting

– computer programs to use to “edit” in (But I will not be covering how to edit photos)

– focusing

– outdoor shots

– an actual model to photograph

My charge for spending the afternoon with you will be $95 per momma. The limit on this workshop will be 12 women. I will host this in my home, (located in Fairview TN) as I think it will allow for a situation similar to your own home environment. Light snacks and drinks will be provided. Each Mom needs to be local to Mid Tn and have a DSLR camera and at least one lens. Please bring these with you.

The date I will host this is going to be February 7th, 2015 at 2:00.

To sign up for this, please email me at and let me know. From there, we can make arrangements. I am so excited to do this! I LOVE teaching and mentoring!

  • Denise Hahn - i would like to sign up for your Mommy camera workshop class

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Time just flies by! Sweet Josie is one and it seems like not long ago, I was shooting her mommy’s maternity session. She has always had a lot of personality, even during her newborn session. She was also one of the first babies I started offering first year panels for. Her 3 Month session was amazing. She was such a ham and loves to play! six and nine months was about the same. Her galleries have always produced an over abundance of images. For her 12 month session, she was more apprehensive and going through some separation anxiety. In addition, it was brutally cold. So we photographed at my house, where we could take some breaks from the cold. We had to do two shoots, because it was too cold in the first one. The second one, mommy bundled her up well and she did great. She just needed breaks for mommy to hold her. We even took some on mommy’s knee and photoshopped mommy out:DHey, its all about baby’s needs! I won’t make babies cry or upset them to get a shot. In the end, she still has a ton of great shots!


JPMASTER-02 copysmall







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Sweet Ava. She didn’t sleep long, but she gave me time to get some really beautiful shots. She is one of the most beautiful baby girls. With that hair and those lips! Her skin is perfection. Her images are seriously dreamy! I hope her mommy loves them for years and years to come!

Thank you, Ashley, for trusting me with your beautiful girl!


JPMASTER-02 copysmall







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  • Donna Oneal - Motherhood captured ever so sweetly! A great artist can make you feel the moment and I can truly feel the warmth and love of this beautiful baby girl and her Mom .

  • Ashley S - I LOVE these photos! Little Ava is adorable. And Ashley you look great too! Did you even have a baby? My favorite photo is the one at the bottom with her little arms holding up her head.

    I’m glad I share a birthday with this little lady. :)

  • Kendra Cunningham - Miss Ava is absolutely gorgeous. Ashley you have a beautiful diva in the making. So proud of you. The best is yet to come. Welcome to parenthood!!

  • Aleia Brown - Congratulations Ashley! Ava is such a beautiful little doll baby. You are already a great mother, and I can’t wait to see how you and Ava’s relationship blossoms.

    And thank you Jennie for capturing these precious moments. Ashley was so pleased with her experience at your studio. (She told me all about it :) )

  • TV - These pictures are so beautiful and precious!

  • Sharon - The pictures of baby Ava are beautiful!! I just amazing how you get the babies in those poses. I just love it.

  • Katie - You both look so beautiful! I just want to scoop her up :)

  • Tamika Pillow - I luv these pictures..simply beautiful

  • Jeremy brown - The beauty that is motherhood captured in such a natural and beautiful way! The photographer should pat himself on the back! Empitome of when talent has a muse!

  • Allen Wells - I am so proud of you friend!!! Both you and Ava look very beautiful. Congratulations again!

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Baby Grayson came back to see me for his 9 month photos. Still a HAM, Loved all the smiling shots:)His grandparents came too and we got a few family shots. Love this little man! His momma is the luckiest woman alive.


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2014-11-11_0001 2014-11-11_0002 2014-11-11_0003 2014-11-11_0004

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  • Katie Lewis - Jennie, these photos are the BEST! Thank you so much for all your work! Love my Grayson Scott!

  • Kathy Boozer - Beautiful pictures, Jennie. You don’t disappoint, that’s for sure!!

  • DeAna - Pictures are awesome Jennie!!

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