Harper was an absolute angel for her session. She’s so precious and its easy to see why she’s so beautiful. Im over the moon that I was chosen to photograph her as a newborn and to get to photograph her at 6 and 12 months. I cannot wait to see how she grows!

Thank you, Lindsey, for trusting me with her!


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  • Cousin Eddie - Beautiful baby…. Why is Joel flexing in every pic?

  • Marsha - What a beautiful baby and such a gorgeous family! Xoxo

  • Lindsey - Thank you so much Jennie. I couldn’t be more pleased! She looks beautiful. We will treasure these always.

  • Laura - So precious and priceless!

  • Poppy & Gigi - These pictures are absolutely amazing. Harper, you are so beautiful and precious. What a beautiful family. We are a very proud Poppy and Gigi.

  • Grandma and Grandpa - These pictures made me gasp at the beauty of this wonderful family. They could be in a museum. The love and warmth of Mother, Father and Harper are the true expression of love.

  • Marie Jackson - Absolutely Precious! She’s such a doll! Gorgeous First Family Picture!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sherilyn - So adorable!!! I’m so excited for you but more excited for Poppy and Gigi!! Harper is beautiful and it is easy to see why. I’m having a blast sharing this grandparent journey now with Angie and Randy! Great pictures!!!

  • Cathy martin - The most beautiful pictures!!! I love them all…especially the one of Lindsey, Joel and Harper.. Harper has beautiful lips…she is beautiful!!

  • Christina - Congratulations Lindsey & Joel! Harper is just so beautiful. No wonder!

  • Trey - Shoulda took the pics at night when she’s awake Lol. Great looking family.

  • Aunt Ashley - Harper is perfect just like her cousins! Seriously these are amazing and beautiful! I love her!

  • Cheryl - Priceless pics of a BEAUTIFUL family! Harper is BEAUTIFUL just like her Mommy & Daddy! We LOVE you ALL!!!

  • Angie - Beautiful baby…beautiful family… amazing photography.

  • Robert Murray - Harper is Beautiful……..with Parents like she has, why not?

  • Laura - Congratulations Joel and Lindsey! Harper is precious and the pictures are perfect! Can’t wait to meet her.

  • Pam Murray - True beauty captivated. Love that we can all share these memories!

  • Courtney - Such cute photos! What an perfect family!

  • Morgan Murray - When can I babysit the most beautiful babe in all of Nashville!?

  • Allison Fowler - These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you for sharing sweet Lindsey!!!!!!

  • Kasey - These pictures are stunning and Harper is beautiful! I can’t wait to meet her!

  • Schneids - What a beautiful little angel and sweetest family ever!!

  • Uncle Twan - Can I say georgeous?!?! This family is straight off a magazine add! Great pics!!! If the father could hit the gym a little more and he could the next Derrick zoolander

  • Sally - Amazing pictures of a beautiful family!

  • kady - These are so precious!!! Love them

  • Lou - Amazing work!

  • Sammy Citrano - Wow what a Beautiful family picture pure Beauty

  • Nicole - Such beautiful pictures! Harper is gorgeous! What a good looking family!

  • Cynthia bickell - A beautiful couple + a beautiful baby= the most beautiful photos ever!!!!!!

  • Rae Anne - Love the pictures. She’s a sleeping little beauty in all them!

  • Lily Smith - So beautiful! Adore the flower crown photo!

  • Kathy Louviere - Jennie, your photography is amazing, but how could it not be with the most beautiful family ever. Joel, Lindsey and Harper should be on the cover of a magazine.

  • Paul Hust - Perfect subjects! Awesome photography!

  • Jay Louviere - I’m so proud of the beautiful family y’all have made. Little Harper is a doll and obviously the product of two loving parents.

  • Kathy Butts - Beautiful pictures and thanks so much for sharing !!!!

  • Debbie Simpson - Oh my goodness! These are the most adorable pictures ever. Harper is a little doll. Congratulations to you both on your sweet angel. Blessings!

  • Charlotte - Sleeping little Angel!! Such a precious family. Love all these photos!

  • Donnie Martin - Wow, what wonderful photos. Never seen such interesting shots with a newborn before, particularly liked the one with the baby with her hands holding her face. Off course , she’ll hate you when she grows up. You totally captured the beauty of the moment. Beautiful family and beautiful memories.

  • Terry Hust - Awesome photo’s! These are the best newborn pictures I have ever seen.
    Terry Hust

  • Debbie ferguson - Absolutely Gorgeous!

  • susan chsse - Lindsey, I always saw that loving, caring “Mom” in you, even when you were a little one. You found your perfect complement in Joel. Harper is a lucky little girl.

  • Dotty Hall - What a precious family!! Harper is a doll.

  • Carrie - These are the cutest things I have ever seen! Such great photography- Harper is an angel and I love the pics of the family!

  • Lauren DeLeary - Cutest baby EVER!!! Magazine worthy.

  • Holly - What stunning pictures of such a beautiful family…. They are absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to meet sweet Harper Jolie! Love you Lindsey… What a beautiful mother you are:)

  • Christy Butcher - Beautiful family and beautiful pictures! Harper is precious!

  • Katie - What a beautiful family! Congratulations to Lindsey and Joel!

  • Sophia - Beautiful family! Amazing photos! Congrats to you both on your precious new addition!

  • Ann Lawrence - She is beautiful!

  • Courtney - Angel baby!!! Beautiful work of a beautiful

  • Suzanne - These are amazing!!! It doesn’t hurt that you guys are gorgeous subjects!!

  • Amy - Absolutely precious!

  • Natalie Davis - Absolutely Beautiful!!! She is a precious angel!!!

  • Christine burns - Lindsey and Joel and Harper !!
    Your family is so beautiful and the photographs portray your love ! Thank you for sharing these with me and I can’t wait to see Harper at the beach !
    I will sign her up for summer 2019 for her first snorkel excursion at the rocks !!
    Christine and David burns

  • Melanie cook - Beautiful family!!! Sending lots of love your way!!

  • Mary-Louise Stonecipher - Well…I it definitely doesn’t get more precious than this! Beautiful mom + Handsome dad =
    Most Adorable Baby Girl!!!! :)

  • Pam McCarty - Sweet pictures to treasure

  • Lorie White - Your pictures are just wonderful!! So precious!

  • Charlotte Lewis - Precious, beautiful family!!! I’m thrilled to be able to view these, Lindsey. Your mom is over the moon, & for good reason. Much love to all 3 of you.

  • Kathy Hayes - How precious and beautiful are these first family photos. Harper is so precious and so blessed to have two loving and beautiful parents. Great photography! Can’t wait to see the 6 month and one year photos. Thanks for sharing!!!
    Love, Kathy H

  • Dotty Hall - Beautiful family and precious baby Harper!! Love the photo session.

  • Dianne Edwards - I am so honored that you shared this with me! God’s blessings are truly evident in this precious new baby daughter! She is so blessed to have you two as her parents. Outstanding photos of all of you!

  • Janet Guy - Amazing pictures and gorgeous couple!

  • Cathy Barnett - These pictures are sooooo sweet! What a beautiful family! Blessings!

  • Charlotte Shivley - The pictures of your precious family are beautiful! I’m so proud for you, Lindsey and Joel. What a lucky little sweetheart!

  • Tricia Nelson - Beautiful!

  • Paula Yates - What a sweet little princess and very special parents!

  • Jane Alderson - Lindsey – How very precious Harper’s first photo shoot is! It will be such fun to watch her grow and change. She is adorable and you look beautiful!

  • Donna Ellis - Beautiful Baby Harper !!! Thank you for sharing these wonderful family pictures .

  • Pam Bowers - Absolutely beautiful!! Precious family!! LOVE the photo sesion!

  • anita jo byrd - precious baby and pictures and very sweet!!

  • Heather and Paolo Fonda - Perfection!!

  • Y - So adorable!!!!!

  • Kathy Dorsey - Harper is precious and your little family looks so happy.

  • Aunt Becky - How wonderful! And little Harper is already great at accessorizing!

  • Megan Sunday - Beautiful pictures and beautiful family! Linds… She is perfect! Love y’all!

  • Cheryl Clark - Precious!!

  • Jane Smith - So beautiful! I love every sweet picture!!

  • Linda McIver - What a blessing!! Absolutely one beautiful family!

  • Kblatti - Absolutely beautiful family!! Love the pic with Harper’s hands under her chin. Tkx for sharing.

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For a long while, I have dreamed of shooting on the pedestrian bridge downtown. It was pure chaos. It took me forever to get where I wanted and I didn’t get there at the time I had wanted. We got stuck in an elevator but, once we were up there, it was amazing and all worth it. The sun, the sky, it was all beautiful. I had some amazing light as well. and Olivia was a total champ given all the bumps we had!

I adore this family and feel incredibly honored to have photographed Olivia since she was 6 months old.

Thank you, Tara and Chris, for everything!


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Downtown nashville pedestrian bridge photography family baby 1 year shoot5 2014-10-15_0005 2014-10-15_0006

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I had such a fun time with Ava! She was quick and easy and I loved her little reddish blonde hair! She was so sweet and I know her big brother will be looking over her for years to come.

Thank you, Victoria, for trusting me with her!


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  • Victoria roder - Amazing !! Jennie you are the best !!!so easy & pictures gorgeous

  • Holly Barker - TRULY BREATHTAKING pictures of my best friend and her baby Ava! Thank you for capturing the majic so perfectly so we can enjoy so far away!

  • Jessica Huxel - Beautiful images!

  • Jennifer Ayala - AMAZING shots! LOVE the close ups of her perfect little features!

  • Katie Grady - Wow! Every picture is flawless! Ava Rose is such a little doll! Love them all!

  • janna - Ava Rose is so precious. Beautiful photos…how do you pick the best one? And vicky, you look beautiful!

  • Melanie King - Ava Roses pictures turned out absolutely beautiful. Such great poses and color schemes. Great job!!

  • Maria - These are absolutely perfect! Ava is captured beautifully!!!

  • Erin Seifert - Such delicate pictures of Ava. I love the close up of her lips especially. Wonderful eye for detail!

  • Amie Donahue - These are so sweet and beautiful.

  • jane gallo - Love love love Ava Rose outstanding pictures

  • Paola Roder - Excellent work…Clean, stunning and adorable!

  • Laura Bekier - Awesome pictures!! Great job!!

  • MJ - LOVELY! Especially love that little adorable scrunched up face in the B&W!

  • Tiffany Doble - These pictures are beautiful!!!

  • Amanda McMahon - So sweet! One of the best baby photo sessions I’ve seen. So delicate and precious!

  • Grace Feng - I love her! These pictures are beautiful!

  • Tracy - cute!

  • Caroline Pelski - These are beautiful! She is so precious. Thank you for sharing.

  • Katherine Martino - Haven’t seen anything this precious in film in a long time!!

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