Baby Graham is just beautiful, from those precious lips to that button nose;)he won my heart for sure! He was so squishy and fun to pose. I loved every single photo from his session. I cannot wait to see him grow over the next year!

Thank you, Heather & John, for trusting me with your sweet angel!


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teething sleeping lip tie tongue latching mastitis


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  • Tasha - Love every single picture of this precious baby boy!!!!! These are fabulous!!!!!!!

  • Amy Bourne - Beautiful images Heather! Your photographer did a wonderful job.

  • Brittany - Precious

  • Sara Konecny - Such a beautiful family! Y’all look great and your photographer did a great job!!!

  • Lauren Powers - LOVE THEM ALL!!! Can’t wait to have some of these in my house to show off! Wonderful job, Jennie! Love this sweet baby to pieces!

  • Samantha - Love all of these pictures!!!! A beautiful baby boy & family!!!!!!

  • Nikki Jarrett - these are so good!

  • caitlyn - They are all so cute and precious!!!!!! Awwww so sweet

  • Lydia Boyd - Precious!!

  • Patricia Sinis - Love them!! So precious:))

  • Ian Armus - Absolutely stunning!!!!

  • penny jones - Beautiful pics!

  • John Kelsey - Amazing pictures!!!!

  • Michelle Warren - Gorgeous family

  • Gracie Kelsey - Beautiful Pictures!!!

  • Marcy Videau - Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Love them all!!!

  • Jennifer Witherspoon - The pictures are adorable. Graham is beautiful baby!

  • Laura Richardson - Great photos. Beautiful family.

  • Lisa Flippin - Love the poses Jennie!!! Graham is so stinkin cute in these what a lovely addition to any home!!!!!

  • Courtney - Absolutely adorable!!!

  • Chris - another set of great photos

  • april adams - Graham is too cute! Congrats again guys on a beautiful kiddo :)

  • Courtney - Precious!!

  • Kyle - Great set of photos. Adorable poses

  • Heather - He is so handsome. Great pictures!

  • Jeff - Absolutely beautiful

  • Tiffany - Creative shots and super adorable!

  • Paige - These pictures are perfect!

  • Doris - Very sweet !

  • Martin Beech - Ive met this dude….hes picture worthy for sure.

  • Kevin Flippin - Handsome boy.

  • Michelle Vinson - Beautiful pictures I love the poses!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie - Very beautiful pictures!

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Ive never really offered albums before 2014. Kind of shocking, huh? But, I would have had to put SO much time into designing them, figuring out HOW to design them, and then whenever I got one, I truly disliked it. The quality was sub par and the shiny paper was off-putting to me. I wanted something organic, clean, canvas looking, matte finished, paper-type but without lines going through images. Is that too much to ask? I guess not;)

I discovered Loktah. IM SO over the moon with their products. and even though their product line is far superior to other print companies, the pricing isn’t outrageous. I now order canvases through them, and let me tell you, Ive never seen a thicker canvas! Oh and guess what else is great about Loktah? Their customer service. I call and can speak with someone right away. They are very personable and helpful. – check them out and fall in love:)

I ordered their entire sample kit AND I am blogging about them. Neither of these have ever been done before now and Ive been in business since 2010. But no other company has won me over like this!

DID I mention you can let them do the design part? I did this for this album and they killed it!

So, without further ado, I show you – THE loktah Album – flush mount and stunning!




  • Melissa - Gorgeous pictures, and album. Thank you for sharing what you have found!

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Baby Boy Ezra was amazing. I loved his amazing features. The lashes KILL me! He was sleepy and limp as a noodle.  Its easy to love this job,:)

Thank you, Christi, for trusting me with your precious boy.



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nashville brentwood franklin tn newborn baby photographer


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  • Jennifer - So precious!

  • Jordan Cunningham - Great pictures! Perfect baby and such a sweet mama.

  • Lindsay welch - These are so sweet! Perfect little man:)

  • Candice McGear - Such a beautiful family, inside and out. So happy for their newest little blessing!

  • sonia sheltoon - awww so precious

  • Jessica Hendrix - So sweet and adorable!

  • Ashlee Bates - Oh these are so beautiful!

  • Brooke snyder - These are the most previous pics ever!

  • Halley Caldwell - Absolutely love this sweet family, and these pictures are gorgeous!

  • Brandy Bartlett - Beautiful! Christi deserves to enjoy pictures through the other side too! You did great!

  • Katie templeton - Sweet baby boy for such a sweet family!

  • Heather - He sweetest family!!

  • Kelsey Shutt - Sweet baby Ezra ! He is so perfect love every one of them .

  • Lyssa Doan - Beautiful family , great pictures

  • Kelli - So precious!

  • Amber - Sweet boy! Love the pictures!

  • Sloane - Precious family!!!

  • shirley - precious

  • Jenna Speck - Beautiful baby boy!! Perfect pictures!

  • Kimberly Martindale - Such a sweet family! All of you are precious!

  • Candace - So sweet!

  • Janna - These pictures are wonderful!!

  • Josh C. - Great Pictures!

  • Amanda Smith - Stunning pictures of a precious family!

  • Jennifer McClure - Beautiful pictures! Sweet baby and mama!

  • Tammy - Absolutely beautiful !!

  • Trish Clardy - These are AMAZING!! My fave is the one with sweet Ezra and his beautiful mommy!

  • Jessica Smith - Omg! Sooooo precious!

  • McKenzie - Adorable baby and beautiful mom. Love the colors! .

  • Matt Haney - My wife is beautiful!

  • Miriam Lane - He’s so sweet! He looks like his mommy.

  • Sonia - Enjoyed watching Ezra’s daddy grow up and can’t wait to see Ezra and his sibling’s grow strong in the Lord as well!

  • Brittany - What a precious gift from God to a sweet family!

  • Christine Banksron - Beautiful pictures!

  • Alyssa - So Sweet!

  • Denise - These are beautiful

  • Darrell - Sweet family.

  • Kelsey - My sweet little nephew!

  • Matt - What a sweet little boy! These are great.

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Hello readers! We moved from one house to a new house. We now live out in Fairview, TN. We bought a home on 5.5 acres. Were loving it out here. So far, we’ve seen deer twice a day. We have woods around us and a field behind us:DSo you know what that means! Yes, I hope to get some families and babies into the woods and field. Its gorgeous! I just had to get a fall type photo of my sons together, wrapped in an antique quilt. Ive envisioned this for a while, and it literally took 30 seconds, I got one shot and they were off!


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fall family photos leaves woods fields hay bales

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