There is NOTHING better in my career than being so incredible blessed and honored to photograph a friend during her maternal journey. It always an honor for every client, but when its a friend, its tenfold. Ive known Lindsay and Bradley since October of 2008 when they became our neighbors. Im thrilled to have them as friends and hope to know them until the end of our days.

Thank you, Lindsay and Bradley, for trusting me with your sweet baby boy, Weston. It was a huge honor.


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Sweet Nora. I love her lips – which she clearly inherited from her mommy! Ive had an amazing time photographing Ashley when she was pregnant and now photographing her little girl, Nora. Nora wasn’t quite ready for her shoot the day we had chosen, so she had to come back another day to finish up. and she sure was a different baby! Its amazing the difference one day can make!

Thank you, Ashley, for trusting me with your sweet baby girl.



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It was a humid almost cloudy day – there was a lot of sweating, but we had fun anyway! Laken is gorgeous and I really enjoyed working with this couple for their shoot. I always prepare the husband for his portion – that it’ll be only about 20 minutes at the end. This gets their mind ready and they always rock it! I cannot wait to meet their baby girl very soon.


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Sweet. Penelope.  Full head of hair, gorgeous lashes and lips. Just gorgeous from head to toe!

Penelope’s mommy and daddy tried for a long time to have a baby. Once they got pregnant, they were over the moon. It was Thanksgiving. Everyone came to celebrate. But right before the holiday, they were told the baby wasn’t viable. They were devastated. A few days later they had to go to discuss the next time they would try. But they did an ultrasound and baby’s heartbeat was there! Penelope is a pure miracle!

Thank you, Kristin, for trusting me with your angel.


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  • collette - Beautiful!!!

  • Amy - Love her so much!!!! Her mom and dad met at Miracle and had a miracle baby!

  • Bryan Marlin - She has my vote!

  • Amy Hardee - Sooo gorgeous! I never knew the full extent of the story. what a miracle. :) Congrats you guys.

  • Angela - Adorable!!!

  • Michelle Dalton - She is so beautiful and precious! Can’t wait to meet her!

  • carla card - Beautiful absolutely beautiful! !

  • Christina - Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous girl!

  • Chrissy - I always love hearing of happy endings after struggling with infertility. I have 2 miracle babies myself. Penelope is just gorgeous!! Love all the photos!

  • Jennifer - Such a beautiful blessing! We love you Herr Family!

  • amanda zimmerle - Such a sweet & happy family!!!

  • Shana - Adorable little sweet girl…so happy for you!

  • Jena - Penelope is such a beautiful baby!

  • Pam Willismson - Such a beautiful little girl

  • Lorri - Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

  • Steve Delk - These pictures are amazing! What a beautiful family!!!

  • kathy Earlie - I absolutely adore these pictures!! wow, how do you choose!! I’d have to buy them all!!

  • Brandy - Amazing pictures! Gorgeous baby!

  • KEITH HERT - Great pics beautiful little girl

  • Susie - soooo beautiful! Can’t wait to meet her.

  • Scott K Alton - Penelope is hands-down the winner!
    She has been dubbed the miracle baby.
    She’s absolutely a gorgeous child in more ways than one!

  • Shannon - Absolute perfection…beautiful

  • Aunt Patti - SPECTACULAR pics. Sweet Miracle Penelope

  • Stella Stewart - Beautiful Penelope …Beautiful family ❤️

  • Pam Tucker - Penelope is beautiful. She has to be the winner with such a sweet face and those photos are incredible !!

  • Jessica Guillen - Nena preciosa!

  • Tammy Hughes - The prettiest baby girl I’ve ever seen.. :)

  • Cassie Lee - Such a miracle story; with a beautiful ending

  • Susan - She is the most beautiful child & soooo loved by all of us!!!! We are blessed to have her!!

  • Ashley REy - Beautiful baby and beautiful pictures. I LOVE all these pictures.

  • Tracey Anderson - She is so precious!!

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