Her name says it all. Stunningly beautiful. Born at home. Her mommy is a photographer, and if Ive said it once, Ive said it a million times – there is NO greater compliment than being hired by a photographer. Ive loved photographing her maternity and now her precious new girl.

Thank you, Sarah, for trusting me with her. I loved snuggling her!


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  • Susan - These are so beautiful! <3

  • Melanie Nutt - I love these beautiful photos of my daughter and her family! Thank you!

  • Rachel Nutt - I love the light in these . . . not me mention the people in them! I can’t stop looking at these photos. :)

  • Aimee - I love these pictures of my brand new niece and my gorgeous sister! Beautiful photos.

  • Sarah Marston - I adore these photos. So sweet!

  • Sarah Jane - Thank you so much, Jennie! I love these! I can’t wait to see them all!

  • Lisa Mink - Beautiful!

  • Zach Bennett - These are awesome pictures. Can’t wait to meet Hazel.

  • Trevor Nurr - Spectacular photos.

  • Eric Nutt - Very nice…the photos and the subjects! Very hazeltine.

  • Erica Miele - Love these!! The one of Rosemary and Hazel is absolutely precious, I always like sibling pics :) they are all so good, don’t know how you will make a choice!

  • Rebecca Miele - I adore newborn pics, since we’ve had our Isabella~ I love these photos of precious Baby Hazel and her family whom I love dearly~Vey Nice

  • Gina Burns - What a sweet family! Everyone looks so happy.

  • Sandi Cook - Absolutely beautiful!

  • Tara Mitchell - Such beautiful photographs of some pretty special people – talented photographer!

  • Grandma Bernice - Awesome.

  • Lindsey Henkel - I love them! Y’all look great!

  • Pat Cooper - Beautiful!

  • Josh Flatt - These are awesome!

  • Fallon - I love these pictures! They are beautiful!

  • Jacob - Thank you for the beautiful pictures and the great experience.

  • Rachel Marston - So adorable!! Baby Hazel is so precious!

  • Stacy Hammond - Precious!!

  • Anil Patel - AMAZING pictures for a beautiful family. :)

  • Randy Jackson - Nice

  • Tom Nguyen - Noice.

  • P Jones - Angel.

  • rachel - These are stunning

  • Tim - precious newborn!

  • Staci Thomas - All of these are beautiful, but not as beautiful as the family in them. They all have a special place in my heart and I love watching their family grow. ❤️

  • Ellen Jones - So sweet!

  • Brock benson - Great pix

  • Madeline Aultman - What lovely photos and an even lovelier family!

  • Samamtna - Cute!

  • Shelby Bennett - Aww!

  • Anita Bennett - Absolutely Beautiful!!

  • Holly - These are adorable!

  • Jamie - Love the shots!

  • Jimmy bennett - Nothing more special than a mother with Her new baby. These photos capture the uniqueness of the bond between mother and daughter ! Great pics!

  • Sandy Adams - So precious! Love this sweet family!

  • Judy - Such a beautiful family

  • Eddy - New Hazel looks a lot like old Jacob

  • Earl - So beautiful

  • Judy - I love this beautiful family

  • Wes - Very nice

  • cade - Yes, very nice

  • Kim - Precious!!!!

  • Cheryl - Love this!!!!!!

  • Frances Rayfield - Sweet!!

  • Sean - Great pictures!

  • Jeremy - Love the rolls! Cute little babins.

  • Katie Gargis - Amazing photos! Amazing family!

  • Betty marston - Beautiful!

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Sweet Reece Claire! Squishy and those beautiful details of her face! Gah, I could have looked at her all day long. She definitely resembles her mommy. And I just loved her toe shots. What a sweet angel!

Thank you, Marcy, for trusting me with her!


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2014-10-01_0002 2014-10-01_0001 2014-10-01_0003

  • Marcy - Beautiful. We love them. Thank you Jennie!

  • Leigh Ann Meshreki - Such a sweet baby

  • Heather Helton - I love these girls!!!

  • Hailey - I love these! What a beautiful baby girl!!

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  • Heather - So so precious!

  • nikki - So beautiful! Precious

  • Brooke - Adorable:)

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  • Kim - Precious Reese and Beautiful Marcy! Love them!!!

  • Trista - Beautiful :)

  • Debbie Baxter - Love these pictures of baby Reese!

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  • Grace - Such a perfect baby!

  • Natalie - So very sweet!

  • Sandy - Beautiful pictures!

  • Nita - BEAUTIFUL like her Mommy.

  • Nicky - The most beautiful little girl I have ever seen.

  • Mandie - Precious! Beautiful pictures!

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  • Callie - Such an adorable blessing! Enjoy every sweet moment!

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  • Nikki - Precious!!

  • ivy - I love these! Gorgeous!

  • Nathan Moore - Adorable!!!!!!

  • karen - Great pictures

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Sweet Garrett just smiled. and smiled. and smiled! I loved his little faces and he is SO stinkin’ cute! My job literally NEVER gets old and I could have snuggled him all day! His parents were wonderful as well and I appreciate them bringing him to see me! I still cannot believe it when my clients choose me as their photographer.


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  • jennifer master - Garrett is my grandson and you did an amazing job

  • Cassidy Master - SO CUTE!!

  • Cassidy Master - Thank you so much! We will cherish these forever (:

  • Amy Hutchins - He is so cute

  • Jan - He is a cutie. Great pics!

  • Shelia - He’s a little doll :-)

  • Tammy Cronan - How adorable. Love these pics

  • lennie - He’s so precious. Great pics!!!

  • Sandy Quinn - Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my grandson’s pics.He so precious & such a blessing

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I really enjoyed bringing Erin and her husband to my new property to photograph her glowing bump! It was so fun using a new backdrop and experimenting. She is naturally gorgeous and I can’t wait to see what their sweet baby looks like. They are such a sweet couple and I loved photographing them! She tends to wear neutrals and not many colors, but she loved that she looked so great in yellow and purple.


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