Sweet Chase was amazing for his session. I loved posing him and he loved being curled up! He has the sweetest lips and boy does he look like his mommy! It will be fun seeing him in just a few short months for his 3 month session. I cannot wait to see how much he has grown!

Thank you, Neysa, for letting me photograph your sweet little boy! I loved it and I look forward to seeing you all real soon.



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  • Melissa - Such a beautiful baby Neysa! Good work Momma. You look fantastic. :)

  • Louis Daniels - These photos are so beautiful. Baby Chase is adorable!!! Great photos!

  • Emily - BEAUTIFUL pictures!! This photographer did an amazing job!!

  • Neysa Jordan - Thank you for taking such beautiful photos of our sweet baby. We love him so much and the work you do is absolutely incredible!

  • Lorna - Such beautiful photos.

  • Andrew Gibbens - Happy to be this little guy’s uncle.

  • tonya ashby - Such a beautiful baby boy!

  • Anne - Cutest, sweetest lil boy!

  • Suzanne - Sweetness!! I love how you captured his little baby sweetness! Love!

  • Pam - Chase is adorable. Love the pictures

  • Jillian henley - Gorgeous family photos!!! Can’t wait to meet him!!!

  • Aunt Lealie - What a beautiful family. So happy for you! Great pictures.

  • Christy - Such a beautiful family!

  • Hayli - So cute Neys! Love these pics and your little family..can’t wait to meet him soon! Xoxo

  • Kerri Romagna - Absolutely adorable!

  • Mary - I just love the new look of baby pics! And these are fabulous.

  • Amanda - Beautiful photos!

  • Barbara Simanski - He is just perfect and love each and every picture. Can’t wait to meet him. XOXOXOXO

  • heather - Baby Chase is adorable!

  • His daddy - Love my little guy, thanks for these wonderful pictures

  • Jennifer - Precious little boy and pretty momma!!

  • Babalou - I love this baby boy and his parents. Wonderful , wonderful photos. Cannot wait to have one in my home.

  • Lucy McGee - The sweetness of this family is beautifully portrayed in these photos

  • Jackie Waldfogel - Swoon! So wonderful, so sweet, so beautiful! Absolutely incredible pictures, absolutely incredible baby boy.

  • Susie - LOVE the photos of baby Chase. Really nice.

  • Barbara Giambona - Beautiful baby boy! Welcome to the world, Chase.♥

  • Kim - Cutest little guy and beautiful Mommy!!

  • Monica - These photos are priceless. Enjoy your bundle of joy.

  • Cindy Gevaart - Lovely family!

  • ann hittner - beautiful!

  • Joleen Beideck - Beautiful family!

  • Joyce - Love the pictures! My little Nephew is amazingly cute.

  • Joyce Williams - Such beautiful photos of a beautiful new family! <3

  • Kathy Pittenger - What a beautiful little baby boy and darling family!

  • Auntie Jilly Bean - Beautiful photos of the most handsome, stud muffin of a baby I know! Mom and Dad are pretty good looking too ;)

  • Bink - These photos are wonderful capturing the precious nature of our family. Neysa, Mitch, and the honorable Chase – you are so beautiful. May the positive energy expressed in these photos fill those that sense them with the same amount of joy as Babalu and Bink.

  • Carla - Absolutely adorable – amazing photos!

  • Tamera Beardsley - What stunning photos! Sure to be family heirlooms! Such artistic captures of a blissful moment in time!

  • Danielle - These pictures are simply amazing! They have captured such love and adoration for this sweet boy! What a beautiful family!

  • Hunter - Such a cute baby!!!! And great pictures!!!

  • LaVonne Boughey - Beautiful baby boy!! Wishing you all the best! Enjoy the sweet baby moments!

  • Erin Dalton - Soooo sweet :)

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Heather was divine! Not only is she gorgeous and confident, but she was so fun to pose too! I loved working with her in the creek and getting creative in the gorgeous flower field. I finally was able to use this gray and white dress Ive been drooling over for a while now. She totally rocked it:)I truly love my job with all of my heart and my clients are the reason! I love how comfortable they are with me before even meeting me for the first time.

Heather, Thank you for letting me photograph this amazing time in your life! I cannot wait to meet that sweet baby:)


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brentwood franklin crieve hall black and white maternity newborn baby photographer nashville hendersonville tn

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  • Jill - Beautiful!! Can’t wait to see that sweet baby!!!

  • Tanya - Gorgeous!

  • lisa - So pretty!

  • Beth Turner - Stunning!

  • Michelle K - Beautiful pictures!!!!! Congratulations! I’m so excited for you!

  • Vickie Noles - These pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  • Samantha Gwaltney - Beautiful Heather!!!!

  • Naom - Beautiful

  • Chad shell - Beautiful pictures

  • Justin K - Beautiful pictures!!!

  • Josie - Beautiful!

  • Jessica Marr - I just want to say what amazing job you did with Heathers pictures. they are truly beautiful. My aunt Tammy Morgan is also in photography. I was wondering do you childrens pictures. What all do you do, and or willing to do, and your prices. I would love to get some done. Thanks Jessica Marr

  • Tasha - My gorgeous best friend! Can not wait to meet graham!

  • Lisa Flippin - Heather Kelsey is absolutely BREATHTAKING and Jennie you are an AMAZING photographer it takes a combination of both! OUTSTANDING!!!!

  • Sara Grayson - Such beautiful pictures of a glowing mommy to be!

  • Erin - Beautiful!!!

  • Brittany - Beautiful

  • Jenny Baker - Beautiful! I love them all, such a great idea.

  • Joseph Jett - Nice pics

  • Cheryl - Elegant is the perfect description!

  • Ian Armus - Wonderful pictures…. Beautiful family.

  • Sarah Warren - Beautiful pics

  • Gracie Kelsey - The pictures were amazing…beautiful!!

  • Rachel - Beautiful!!

  • Emily kelsey - You look Beautiful Heather! Can’t wait to meet my baby cousin!

  • penny jones - Absolutely beautiful pictures!

  • Marcy - Absolutely gorgeous!!! ❤️ them all!!

  • Michelle Vinson - Heather the pictures are Beautiful!!!!!!

  • katie - Stunning!

  • Stephanie - Gorgeous, I love the blue dress at the bottom!

  • Lauren - My gorgeous sis! These pictures are simply stunning! I LOVE them all!! Can’t wait for this sweet sweet baby to arrive!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abrah Evans - Beautiful Pictures !!

  • April - These are so pretty!!

  • Chance - Beautiful family!

  • Linsey - Stunning!

  • Candice - Wonderful pictures!

  • Courtney Chatham - These are beautiful!!!! Heather you totally rocked it girl!!!! Can’t wait to see sweet Graham!!

  • Ashley - Beautiful!! Can’t wait to meet Graham!!

  • Elise - Absolutely gorgeous!! I have never seen maternity photos like these!!

  • Jackie Taylor - Beautiful Heather!!

  • Robin - Beautiful pictures!

  • Lauren - Beautiful!

  • Doris story - Wonderful pictures

  • James Jacobs - Great pics

  • jennifer witherspoon - The pictures are great!

  • Anna Epley - Love the pics!

  • Kyle Standley - Beautiful pictures. These will be great to look back at once Graham arrives.

  • Courtney - Beautiful pictures Heather!!

  • Chris - I love these pictures… I can see John in the fields in the background and almost time for Graham to join us

  • Tiffany - Absolutely gorgeous

  • Magan Lease - Beautiful pictures!

  • Debby Flippin - Beautiful Neice!! Beautiful Pictures!

  • Brittney Rivera - So beautiful!

  • Tammy Price - Wow!!

  • Courtney - beautiful!!!! :) hope you win!

  • Laura Richardson - Beautiful photos. Can’t wait to meet Graham.

  • Kasey Nicholson - These are just stunning Heather! Great photographer and perfect model!

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I love all of my clients. literally, every.single.one. I have some who have zero interest in being in creeks or woods and Im okay with that:)After all, it is so nice to change up the scenery! However, I do love ethereal and nature shoots, for sure. Stephanie had fallen in love with my nature shoots, and was very brave, so I decided to take it to a whole other level. She was willing to do anything, so I, of course, took advantage!

Thank you Stephanie, for letting me pose you in the deep woods and in a lake, as well as a creek! It was so fun and I cannot wait to meet baby Echo!


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  • Sara Sullivan - These photos and Momma-to-be are breathtaking!!!

  • Jessica Wilmoth - Just lovely!!

  • Niki Tyree - These are such amazing shots! Especially the ones in the water. You captured Stephanie’s goddess-self perfectly!

  • Beth Quiaoit - These photos are georgeous! Your photography work is amazing and Stephanie is a natural! She has such a lovely spirit. Thanks, Beth Quiaoit

  • Jennifer - Stephanie you look beautiful!!

  • Lori - Beautiful

  • Aaron Sullivan - Incredible, Steph! You’re beautiful!

  • Lisa Marie - Gorgeous photography AND subject!

  • Jamie Bolin - Stunning photos. Can’t wait to meet baby Echo!

  • Priya Darshini - This is so beautiful! Wow. Congratulations

  • Martina - beautiful pics Steph..

  • Mandy Thomas - These pictures are amazing!! Stephanie is beautiful anyways, but these pictures are unique.

  • Susan Ruth - Stephanie – you look absolutely stunning. Like the true Earth Goddess you are! Beautiful!

  • Emily - These pictures are beautiful! Amazing work. Amazing mom to be.

  • Susan Curry Sykes - Stephanie, these are the most incredible maternity shots I have every seen! You look so beautiful and ethereal! The setting and v

  • ashleigh galavin - i love these! so beautiful!

  • Matt - Awesome

  • emily - Absolutely, stunningly gorgeous!!!!! :)

  • Hilary Romaine - Beautiful beautiful shots…..

  • Taylor - Your photographs of Stephanie are beautiful! I love your style.

  • Dana Radford - Stephanie the goddess!

  • Scott Wagner - Gorgeous shots of a gorgeous lady.

  • Kelly Bailey - Stephanie…you are amazing. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  • Babakul Rose - These are just lovely! What a lucky baby to have a mama whose inner beauty matches her outer beauty!

  • Anna Owens - So beautiful!!

  • Kat - Amazing! Very Arthurian! Love it!

  • Pamela Hall - Stephanie’s photographs are amazing works of art! Love the lace dress & both couple photo’s with her and Smith, however, all are beautiful. Love the natural backgrounds & how everything glows right along with the Mom-to-be!

  • Smith Curry - Beautiful!!!!

  • Ricky - Totally awesome Pics !!!

  • Walter Brandt - Enchanting :)

  • Cirby manchaca - Haven’t had the privilege to meet Smith’s better half…but these are incredibly beautiful.
    – Cirby (sister c)

  • Chris Henry - divine fem in action

  • brandon - Smith, you look absolutely stunning.

  • Dave mckeon - It may take years to realize exactly how cool these are.

  • Leah - Gorgeous! Love the ethereal feel!

  • Chris Freund - These are incredible shots! Everything about them says first class work!

  • Angel - These are really, really beautiful

  • Chris Sharp - What fantastic shots!! This area was made for Stephanie.

  • Amy - These are gorgeous and creative!! love the water shots!!!

  • Teresa - So gorgeous. What a beautiful family.

  • Anthony Adams - Incredible photos and people! Congrats!

  • Nancy - GREAT Photos!!! Even if Stephanie wasn’t my daughter-in-law! Best maternity photos I have ever seen. Love the natural settings and especially the lake photo. Bravo!

  • Lauren Simpson - Love it!

  • Gregg - So proud! Beautiful photo’s.

  • Heather - How pretty! Very inspiring, beautiful photos and couple!

  • Favorite Brother David - Love the pictures! especially the ones of you and smith together. These will be good inspiration for some paintings *wink* *wink*

  • Julie Billups - These are very nice pictures of a beautiful mom to be.

  • Mara - My favorite is the one where Smith is playing guitar to Stephanie. The others are incredibly creative and I enjoyed seeing them. Thanks for sharing.

  • Burr Harrison - Wonderful!

  • Maurey Roberts - Congrats Smith & Stephanie! Love the pics!

  • Leah - The most incredible photos- and they’re YOU! And your boy!!! Gush! Breathtaking!

  • Teresa - You have captured the most beautiful shots of Stephanie!!! The pics are almost as Amazing as she really is!!!

  • treva draper - lovely…just lovely

  • GENE MORRIS - WOW! THE NATURE LOCATIONS ARE A GREAT CHOICE . I with tears am so proud of stephanie .Jennie great work. 3 out of 3 thumbs up!

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Sweet Lillie Kate. Those cheeks. the lips. her beauty goes on and on! I loved working with her mommy during her maternity shoot and meeting LK was amazing. I cannot wait to watch her grow this next year. I know it’ll go way too fast! She looks amazing on purple:)and I especially love her photos with her mommy, because her mommy is so much in love with her (she had a long journey to get to become a mommy).

Thank you SO much, Katy for trusting me with LK.


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  • Julie - So happy for Katy and Eric. These are really beautiful pictures.

  • Connie Holt - Great photos.

  • Teresa Giles - Simply beautiful!

  • Leslie - True love Beautiful shots!

  • Brandon Cathey - Beautiful!

  • Becky Westmoreland - Oh my goodness. These are gorgeous!

  • Madeline - Katy – absolutely gorgeous pics of your beautiful baby! I’ve been a fan of Jenny’s for years. Wish I had known about her when my babies were little!

  • Amy - so beautiful!!

  • Angela Greene - Beautiful pics of a beautiful family

  • Ashley Hoskins - Beautiful pics! Beautiful family!

  • Dana - So happy to see my dear friends so in love with their baby girl!

  • Amanda - Absolutely adorable

  • Tameka Jones - love love the pictures …she is beautiful :)

  • Lisa - This is SO gorgeous!!!! Love you Katy, and Lillie Kate is absolutely beautiful! I think my favorite is the one of you hugging/snuggling her. Beautiful picture of a miracle dream fulfilled. :)

  • Edie - The pictures are absolutely beautiful.

  • Susan - Precious, sweet, baby love. Best thing ever! Beautiful.

  • Tiffany Lee - So beautiful! Love these and you all!

  • Erin McDuffie - What gorgeous pictures!! Such beautiful, precious moments. So excited for you guys!

  • Lisa Lumley - Love love this pics . Such a sweet sweet baby girl :)

  • Natalie - Perfect angel and perfect photographs!

  • Renée - Such a sweet doll!

  • Kelley - Beautiful! These will be treasured forever. The photographer captures pure love and innocence in these photos!!

  • Donna Wells - Beautiful!

  • Linda Riggs - My newest baby granddaughter! Love her so much! So proud of her and so happy for Katy and Eric. They will be wonderful parents! These pictures are phenomenal

  • Yvonne K Hogan - Love these sweet pics of Lillie Kate!

  • Martha - Beautiful photos of this precious baby girl.

  • Twyla - Perfect pictures. I love them. They’re all great.

  • Ellen - Beautiful! Love the pictures!

  • Katy - Thank you jennie! Can’t wait to see how she grows in your pictures over the next year!

  • Eric - Thank you jennie for capturing the beauty of our sweet girl!

  • April B - Can’t wait to meet her! Love the pics.

  • Lauren - Beautiful! Congrats!

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