This sweet girl has so much personality! She loves nature and yet has this dainty side (notice her hands in some of the images). We had a lot of fun with her and I really enjoyed all the fun set ups in the woods. I loved sitting her next to a lake too:)What a great and fun session!

Thank you again Chris and Tera! I loved working with your family:)See you soon for her 12 month session!



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I loved photographing this family! Im not gonna lie, these girls were amazing for 20 minutes and then by the end of it, I thought they were more challenging than my own two! But you know what? I LOVE a challenge! and I think I did pretty well:)They were spunky and fun and I think they are gonna do some amazing things. Thank you, Renita, for letting me photograph your awesome family!


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Sweet Collins was so fun to work with, I did her session in pinks, grays and whites. I loved her cheeks. I cannot wait to see her at 6 months old. I predict she will be a rolly polly! Which I LOVE!

When the super moon hit a few weeks ago, it made a million babies come early! Ok, maybe it wasn’t a million. But goodness, it felt like it! So Im running WAY behind! But I refuse to rush through editing. Editing is a good 50% of my Art.


Thank you, Paris for trusting me with your sweet girl.




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  • Kallista Gatian - Love Everything About These!!! <3

  • Paris Ogg - Beautiful! Thank you Jennie!!

  • Ronna Lester - Sweetest pictures of our Collins! She is so beautiful and very cuddly!

  • Jenna Stoner - Beautiful!! What a sweet little blessing! :)

  • Ashley Layne - Beautiful little girl. Love this family. :)

  • Mary Crepeau - I will admit right up front that I am prejudice but still truthful. My great-great niece is beautiful! Your pictures and unique posesar great. I love the one of Collins propped up on elbows. I have one of my son I that Same pose at about 1-2 months!

  • Virginia - These are just beautiful! Congratulations, Paris & Jason!

  • jason ogg - So pretty!

  • Rachel Dennis - Beautiful pictures of a Beautiful family..

  • Maryanne - So beautiful! I love this! Such sweet pictures!

  • Mellisa Stark - Beautiful pictures!

  • Paige Breedlove - What a doll baby!

  • Alexa - She is just the most precious! :)

  • Nancy Mitchell - Sweet..sweet..sweet.. makes me want to just snuggle your bundle of joy! Love all the pictures…the one of all of you is my pick :-)

  • Connie Renfroe - Love these pictures! Collins is such a cutie!

  • Uncle Stu - That’s My Cute Niece!

  • Pam Ogg - Beautiful!

  • Lisa Anderson - Absolutely beautiful !!

  • Tracie - Beautiful baby girl!!

  • Judy - Paris and Jason! She is an absolutely adorable baby!! You guys are so blessed!!

  • Beth White - Precious!

  • Tara Wright - Beautiful pictures & beautiful family

  • Joyce Groller - Perfect !

  • Barbara Renfroe - Collins is beautiful and these pictures are a treasure for her great gran parents.

  • Megan Fugett - She is beautiful just like her mama!

  • Oge - Hey cutie!

  • Michelle Vincent - These pictures were worth waiting for! Collins is just precious <3

  • Bonne - What beautiful photographs! Collins looks like a little star!

  • Zac Marshall - Sweet baby girl !!!! Great Pics !!!

  • Ashley Fernandez - Sweetest baby

  • Ashley cannon - Such Amazing, adorable, unique newborn pictures I’ve seen yet I’m one proud aunt of Baby Collins!!!!

  • tina - love love love this!!

  • Jayne Ferguson - A Princess has been born. Beautiful pics.

  • Barbara Renfroe - We love this darling baby girl. The pictures are beautiful and so precious to Nan and G-dad.

  • ashly hofbauer - beautiful pictures! congratulations again!

  • Karen P - A lovely family! The color palette is spot on. The soft grays and pinks are perfect with the soft focus. A beautiful girl deserves such beautiful photos. :)

  • Adam Seder - Awesome pictures of my beautiful Niece!

  • Patricia Tillis - Collins is a beautiful baby! The pictures are absolutely the best i have ever seen. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jan carlton - So cute and such great photos

  • Emily Groller - Absolutely beautiful.

  • Scott Seder - Awesome Pics with a beautiful model

  • Hobbie Poole - Absolutely beautiful. She is just cute..

  • Tanya Dang - OMG SO PRETTY!


  • Erica Bussell - What an angel!! I heart this baby and her family! :)

  • Harold W. Covington Jr - So pRETTY

  • Jennifer Derwin - Sweet little
    Collins is so previous!

  • Emmy - Simply stunning photography, of a simply stunning baby girl. Pictures are such a special memory to have and they’ll have these pictures forever. Beautiful job!

  • Erica Anderson - These are phenomenal!! The macro shots are to die for!! Collins is absolutely precious, Paris and Jason!! So happy for you two!!! :)

  • Marie - Sweet pictures of a sweet girl.

  • Lum - Baby Collins is beautiful! And those are awesome pictures of her and her good looking parents!

  • Sandy Borders - Love the photos of our precious baby!!

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Sweet Amos went 2 or so weeks overdue, and was still just a peanut! I guess nature knew he needed to cook extra long;)

It was so fun posing Amos – I especially love his macro close up shots and his shots with his parents. His sweet face is so beautiful and his lashes are long! Not to mention, that hair…. OH and the lips…..

I photographed Anna’s Maternity Session a few months ago, and Ive fallen in love with this sweet family! They love nature and I cannot wait to see Amos again at his 6 month session. Im sure it will be here before we know it!


Thank you, Anna and Dale for trusting me with your precious son. XOXO


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woods creek maternity newborn boy baby chiropractor dale brown

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  • Scott Hildebrand - You are truly an artist. I don’t think I’ve ever seen photos that say so much. You have found a great family!!! We love them dearly!!! We are looking forward to further updates as we are not close and Amos needs a few years before I can teach him some “tricks”!!! :-)

  • Bridget - Amazing pictures!!

  • Allison Edmonds - Oh so precious!!! Love the feet pics!!

  • Gail - Those are awesome pictures!!! Will have to say my grandson looks absolutely adorable.

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