Sweet Lillie Kate. Those cheeks. the lips. her beauty goes on and on! I loved working with her mommy during her maternity shoot and meeting LK was amazing. I cannot wait to watch her grow this next year. I know it’ll go way too fast! She looks amazing on purple:)and I especially love her photos with her mommy, because her mommy is so much in love with her (she had a long journey to get to become a mommy).

Thank you SO much, Katy for trusting me with LK.


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  • Julie - So happy for Katy and Eric. These are really beautiful pictures.

  • Connie Holt - Great photos.

  • Teresa Giles - Simply beautiful!

  • Leslie - True love Beautiful shots!

  • Brandon Cathey - Beautiful!

  • Becky Westmoreland - Oh my goodness. These are gorgeous!

  • Madeline - Katy – absolutely gorgeous pics of your beautiful baby! I’ve been a fan of Jenny’s for years. Wish I had known about her when my babies were little!

  • Amy - so beautiful!!

  • Angela Greene - Beautiful pics of a beautiful family

  • Ashley Hoskins - Beautiful pics! Beautiful family!

  • Dana - So happy to see my dear friends so in love with their baby girl!

  • Amanda - Absolutely adorable

  • Tameka Jones - love love the pictures …she is beautiful :)

  • Lisa - This is SO gorgeous!!!! Love you Katy, and Lillie Kate is absolutely beautiful! I think my favorite is the one of you hugging/snuggling her. Beautiful picture of a miracle dream fulfilled. :)

  • Edie - The pictures are absolutely beautiful.

  • Susan - Precious, sweet, baby love. Best thing ever! Beautiful.

  • Tiffany Lee - So beautiful! Love these and you all!

  • Erin McDuffie - What gorgeous pictures!! Such beautiful, precious moments. So excited for you guys!

  • Lisa Lumley - Love love this pics . Such a sweet sweet baby girl :)

  • Natalie - Perfect angel and perfect photographs!

  • Renée - Such a sweet doll!

  • Kelley - Beautiful! These will be treasured forever. The photographer captures pure love and innocence in these photos!!

  • Donna Wells - Beautiful!

  • Linda Riggs - My newest baby granddaughter! Love her so much! So proud of her and so happy for Katy and Eric. They will be wonderful parents! These pictures are phenomenal

  • Yvonne K Hogan - Love these sweet pics of Lillie Kate!

  • Martha - Beautiful photos of this precious baby girl.

  • Twyla - Perfect pictures. I love them. They’re all great.

  • Ellen - Beautiful! Love the pictures!

  • Katy - Thank you jennie! Can’t wait to see how she grows in your pictures over the next year!

  • Eric - Thank you jennie for capturing the beauty of our sweet girl!

  • April B - Can’t wait to meet her! Love the pics.

  • Lauren - Beautiful! Congrats!

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This sweet girl has so much personality! She loves nature and yet has this dainty side (notice her hands in some of the images). We had a lot of fun with her and I really enjoyed all the fun set ups in the woods. I loved sitting her next to a lake too:)What a great and fun session!

Thank you again Chris and Tera! I loved working with your family:)See you soon for her 12 month session!



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I loved photographing this family! Im not gonna lie, these girls were amazing for 20 minutes and then by the end of it, I thought they were more challenging than my own two! But you know what? I LOVE a challenge! and I think I did pretty well:)They were spunky and fun and I think they are gonna do some amazing things. Thank you, Renita, for letting me photograph your awesome family!


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Sweet Collins was so fun to work with, I did her session in pinks, grays and whites. I loved her cheeks. I cannot wait to see her at 6 months old. I predict she will be a rolly polly! Which I LOVE!

When the super moon hit a few weeks ago, it made a million babies come early! Ok, maybe it wasn’t a million. But goodness, it felt like it! So Im running WAY behind! But I refuse to rush through editing. Editing is a good 50% of my Art.


Thank you, Paris for trusting me with your sweet girl.




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  • Kallista Gatian - Love Everything About These!!! <3

  • Paris Ogg - Beautiful! Thank you Jennie!!

  • Ronna Lester - Sweetest pictures of our Collins! She is so beautiful and very cuddly!

  • Jenna Stoner - Beautiful!! What a sweet little blessing! :)

  • Ashley Layne - Beautiful little girl. Love this family. :)

  • Mary Crepeau - I will admit right up front that I am prejudice but still truthful. My great-great niece is beautiful! Your pictures and unique posesar great. I love the one of Collins propped up on elbows. I have one of my son I that Same pose at about 1-2 months!

  • Virginia - These are just beautiful! Congratulations, Paris & Jason!

  • jason ogg - So pretty!

  • Rachel Dennis - Beautiful pictures of a Beautiful family..

  • Maryanne - So beautiful! I love this! Such sweet pictures!

  • Mellisa Stark - Beautiful pictures!

  • Paige Breedlove - What a doll baby!

  • Alexa - She is just the most precious! :)

  • Nancy Mitchell - Sweet..sweet..sweet.. makes me want to just snuggle your bundle of joy! Love all the pictures…the one of all of you is my pick :-)

  • Connie Renfroe - Love these pictures! Collins is such a cutie!

  • Uncle Stu - That’s My Cute Niece!

  • Pam Ogg - Beautiful!

  • Lisa Anderson - Absolutely beautiful !!

  • Tracie - Beautiful baby girl!!

  • Judy - Paris and Jason! She is an absolutely adorable baby!! You guys are so blessed!!

  • Beth White - Precious!

  • Tara Wright - Beautiful pictures & beautiful family

  • Joyce Groller - Perfect !

  • Barbara Renfroe - Collins is beautiful and these pictures are a treasure for her great gran parents.

  • Megan Fugett - She is beautiful just like her mama!

  • Oge - Hey cutie!

  • Michelle Vincent - These pictures were worth waiting for! Collins is just precious <3

  • Bonne - What beautiful photographs! Collins looks like a little star!

  • Zac Marshall - Sweet baby girl !!!! Great Pics !!!

  • Ashley Fernandez - Sweetest baby

  • Ashley cannon - Such Amazing, adorable, unique newborn pictures I’ve seen yet I’m one proud aunt of Baby Collins!!!!

  • tina - love love love this!!

  • Jayne Ferguson - A Princess has been born. Beautiful pics.

  • Barbara Renfroe - We love this darling baby girl. The pictures are beautiful and so precious to Nan and G-dad.

  • ashly hofbauer - beautiful pictures! congratulations again!

  • Karen P - A lovely family! The color palette is spot on. The soft grays and pinks are perfect with the soft focus. A beautiful girl deserves such beautiful photos. :)

  • Adam Seder - Awesome pictures of my beautiful Niece!

  • Patricia Tillis - Collins is a beautiful baby! The pictures are absolutely the best i have ever seen. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jan carlton - So cute and such great photos

  • Emily Groller - Absolutely beautiful.

  • Scott Seder - Awesome Pics with a beautiful model

  • Hobbie Poole - Absolutely beautiful. She is just cute..

  • Tanya Dang - OMG SO PRETTY!


  • Erica Bussell - What an angel!! I heart this baby and her family! :)

  • Harold W. Covington Jr - So pRETTY

  • Jennifer Derwin - Sweet little
    Collins is so previous!

  • Emmy - Simply stunning photography, of a simply stunning baby girl. Pictures are such a special memory to have and they’ll have these pictures forever. Beautiful job!

  • Erica Anderson - These are phenomenal!! The macro shots are to die for!! Collins is absolutely precious, Paris and Jason!! So happy for you two!!! :)

  • Marie - Sweet pictures of a sweet girl.

  • Lum - Baby Collins is beautiful! And those are awesome pictures of her and her good looking parents!

  • Sandy Borders - Love the photos of our precious baby!!

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