There is no better compliment than when a client returns with subsequent pregnancies/babies. I was honored to photograph their first newborn two years ago (when I myself was pregnant) and now got to photograph their 2nd daughter. And then for them to say to me in my studio “Jennie, you are the best” it just brings such joy to my heart. Especially, in 2014 when the photography industry is so saturated. I truly love giving my clients every ounce of my art, my service and am humbled to be walking this journey with them.

Thank you, Sara for choosing me yet again:)


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  • Joy - 4 days old?!!! She is perfection!!! Love every picture, so beautiful.

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I cant believe how fast these babies grow! it seems like yesterday I was taking Josey’s newborn photos! She has always had more personality than most babies. She can tell when momma isnt near, she loves to nurse, and stick out her tongue. Oh and shes already sucking on her hands 24/7. I cannot wait for her 6 month photos so we can really show all of the chunky rolls this girl has. her mommy says they keep finding rolls inside her rolls. HAHA.

I love my job. I love babies (always HAVE). and I love that Im taking on first year planners. Photographing them from maternity until their first birthday feels like the best gift.

Thank you, Christine & Bryan, from the bottom of my heart. With each session, I fall more in love with your sweet family.


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  • Maria Murray - What a beautiful baby!
    Especially love the one on the pink throw …. we should all laugh like that at least once a day :-)

  • Theresa Kist - Move over Gerber baby, Josey has it going on!! You have captured not only her beauty but a little bit of her personality, she likes the camera and her eyes just melts your heart.

    I can’t wait to see her 6 month photos – great work!!

  • Rosemary Kowalchuk - Beautiful pictures! You have truly captured little Josey’s pleasant personality. That smile and those sparkling eyes…you have created beautiful keepsakes for us as we watch her grow this first year. We look forward to seeing the results of the 6 month photo session.

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When this mommy walked in, I KNEW her baby was gorgeous. I mean, she herself, stunning in every single way! I love her hair and her sweet boy also had a full head of hair. Needless to say, me and my mentoree had load of fun with him. I had a few new props to try out on him and I could have taken him home:)


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I had the pleasure of meeting Jennie from East Tennessee to teach her newborn photography and mentor her. We had this lovely little princess to pose and she was so much fun, not to mention adorable!!!
Recently, these little skirt props came out and I fell instantly in LOVE. They are so cute and its nice to cover the bum for those not wanting the bum showing:)

Thank you, Tiffany, for bringing her in to model for me, it was a lot of fun posing her!


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  • Deborah Spears - Beautiful!

  • Jill - Beautiful photos, beautiful subjects! A treasured moment captured forever!

  • Julie - The poses and background colors are simply magical!

  • Kathleen Kellihe - Beautiful Baby & Mommy! Best baby pictures. So adorable! Very creative!

  • Lindsey Pryor - Oh precious!!! I love the one of mom and baby! So so sweet!

  • Mandi Wall - These are beyond adorable! Soooo good!

  • Jess Tinnesz - These are absolutely stunning! I love the colors Jennie used; I especially love the last photo!!

  • Laura - So sweet!

  • Gretchen Thiele - Beautiful baby girl….wonderful photography!

  • Dallas - Beautiful!! I love the Mommy and Baby photo!1

  • Leah Johnson - Absolutely beautiful!! Both of you!!

  • Annie Capelle - She is perfect. I lover her so much already and I haven’t met her yet! Beautiful pictures with a beautiful mommy and baby!

  • Ashley Dillard - So beautiful!!!

  • Turner Morris - Beautiful, just like her Mom!

  • Jess - So perfect, great pictures!

  • erica - she’s the sweetest!! these pictures are so great.

  • josh lauritch - so beautiful!

  • sarah - love so much!!!! such beautiful girls!

  • Tamarind - These are gorgeous! I love all the different textures and props, and of course the model is perfection.

  • Abby - Sweet mama & baby girl!

  • Brooke Hardesty - She’s a little beauty! I just love the last shot.

  • Brittany - Beautiful Mama, beautiful babe. Kuddos to the photographer for being able to master those poses. Great work all around!

  • Heidi - Beautiful photos, Tiffany!

  • Stefanie - Mama and baby are beautiful! The photographer did an awesome job too… But she had a perfect subject to work with :)

  • Jess - Now that is a sweet baby. Love!

  • Megan Dahm - Such a beautiful and sweet baby! The photos are breathtaking!

  • Lori Spears - Very beautiful just like Mom. Can’t wait to hold this bundle of joy someday.

  • Katie Robinson - You both look beautiful!

  • Jen - So sweet! What a precious keepsake to have.

  • Baruka Pintenich - LOVE!!!

  • Melissa Dovey - Beautiful pictures… happy for you!!! :)

  • Sarah b - Just the cutest momma and baby I know!

  • Mary Schabel - OMG so beautiful <3

  • Carol - Beautiful Mama and baby <3

  • jen - Absolutely adorable!

  • Robin Bright - Absolutely adorable! The skirt is so cute and I love the last one (on the box). Nice work!

  • Robin Lashinsky - So beautiful. What great treasures to have

  • Julia - She is so stinkin cute!!! You look beautiful, Tiffany!

  • Holly Barker - Precious, precious, precious! I hope you and Brian are so happy and full of joy with this bundle joy! :) She is so sweet.

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