For a long while, I have dreamed of shooting on the pedestrian bridge downtown. It was pure chaos. It took me forever to get where I wanted and I didn’t get there at the time I had wanted. We got stuck in an elevator but, once we were up there, it was amazing and all worth it. The sun, the sky, it was all beautiful. I had some amazing light as well. and Olivia was a total champ given all the bumps we had!

I adore this family and feel incredibly honored to have photographed Olivia since she was 6 months old.

Thank you, Tara and Chris, for everything!


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Downtown nashville pedestrian bridge photography family baby 1 year shoot5

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I had such a fun time with Ava! She was quick and easy and I loved her little reddish blonde hair! She was so sweet and I know her big brother will be looking over her for years to come.

Thank you, Victoria, for trusting me with her!


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nashville brentwood franklin hendersonville nolensville tn newborn baby photographer2

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  • Victoria roder - Amazing !! Jennie you are the best !!!so easy & pictures gorgeous

  • Holly Barker - TRULY BREATHTAKING pictures of my best friend and her baby Ava! Thank you for capturing the majic so perfectly so we can enjoy so far away!

  • Jessica Huxel - Beautiful images!

  • Jennifer Ayala - AMAZING shots! LOVE the close ups of her perfect little features!

  • Katie Grady - Wow! Every picture is flawless! Ava Rose is such a little doll! Love them all!

  • janna - Ava Rose is so precious. Beautiful photos…how do you pick the best one? And vicky, you look beautiful!

  • Melanie King - Ava Roses pictures turned out absolutely beautiful. Such great poses and color schemes. Great job!!

  • Maria - These are absolutely perfect! Ava is captured beautifully!!!

  • Erin Seifert - Such delicate pictures of Ava. I love the close up of her lips especially. Wonderful eye for detail!

  • Amie Donahue - These are so sweet and beautiful.

  • jane gallo - Love love love Ava Rose outstanding pictures

  • Paola Roder - Excellent work…Clean, stunning and adorable!

  • Laura Bekier - Awesome pictures!! Great job!!

  • MJ - LOVELY! Especially love that little adorable scrunched up face in the B&W!

  • Tiffany Doble - These pictures are beautiful!!!

  • Amanda McMahon - So sweet! One of the best baby photo sessions I’ve seen. So delicate and precious!

  • Grace Feng - I love her! These pictures are beautiful!

  • Tracy - cute!

  • Caroline Pelski - These are beautiful! She is so precious. Thank you for sharing.

  • Katherine Martino - Haven’t seen anything this precious in film in a long time!!

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Sweet David is so precious. I SO enjoyed all that hair! Making Faux Hawks on boys is so fun and changes it up a little:)He made a lot of images for his mommy! He was sleepy and posed quickly. His mommy had her hair and makeup done before the session – a woman deserves to be pampered the day of her newborn session! She looked amazing and I think it truly paid off in the images.

Cara, Thank you for trusting me with your newborn boy. He was such a delight to work with!


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mentoring workshops christmas holiday family fall


mentoring workshops christmas holiday family fall
mentoring workshops christmas holiday family fall
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  • Cara - Thank you so much for the sweet pictures!!!!!

  • Amanda Watts - Adorable pictures!

  • Russell - Super cute pictures! I love the creativity you use for these sessions. So happy for Cara and Nick.

  • Jennifer Hatcher - Beautiful pictures. Precious, blessed family.

  • Colleen Bogenholm - Exquisite pictures… Brings back a lot of memories of the joy of new motherhood.. No feeling like it

  • Austin cooper - Love this family

  • Nick - The pictures look wonderful. You are very talented and have captured our family beautifully. I was great working with you. Thanks Again!

  • Shawn Rawson - These photos are amazing! Can’t wait to meet David!

  • Florie Krug - It was a pleasure meeting you and visiting your studio. The photos have turned out beautiful.

  • Rachel - Such a beautiful family! Love love love the pics

  • Tamara - These are so beautiful! I love all of them.

  • Mandy grubar - Beautiful pictures of a sweet boy

  • Heather Landers - Love, love, love. So beautiful

  • Carol Kruz - Beautiful, Beautiful pictures!!

  • Greg Krug - Great photos of my grandson!

  • Kerrie Bryan - Beautiful!!!

  • Rita Adamko - Beautifully captured precious memories!

  • Abby - These are SO precious!! I can’t pick a favorite because they are all so great!!

  • Carey M. - Such beautiful pictures!! Congratulations to the family – David is absolutely adorable!!

  • Marisa - Beautiful family! These photos capture memories that you will have for a lifetime! Congratulations!

  • Lena - Such beautiful pictures that the Krug family will cherish forever.

  • Jill - What a beautiful family!

  • Kelly - Love this family so much and baby David is precious!

  • bev furtah - He is so precious! Awesome pictures

  • Sheila - So many perfect pictures – it would be hard to choose!

  • Sarah Krug - Adorable pictures of my handsome nephew!! Love them all!!

  • Kayla - Cara and Nick- I can’t wait to meet David! These pictures are amazing! Love you both! You are going to be amazing parents!

  • Pamela Flynn - How beautiful! What a creative way to capture the beauty of a new baby and mom. Congrats!

  • Nancy Thomas - Amazing!! Just beautiful. You will treasure these pictures forever

  • Lydia Womack - Such a precious family. The pictures truly capture the love they share with each other and their darling David.

  • Chelsea - I don’t know which picture is my favorite because he is so precious in every single one of them!

  • Kim Farmer - Beautiful photos. Beautiful Family.

  • Monya - Absolutely stunning!

  • Karla Douglas - Beautiful family!! The pics are adorable!!

  • christina - Adorable!

  • Amy - Beautiful pictures of a precious family!

  • Deborah Goodman - Such a Beautiful family! Hugs & kisses to you. Would love to meet little David♡♡♡.

  • Jen - Love them all!!

  • Cathy Rawson - It is truly a grandmother’s joy to see this sweet baby and parents in these beautiful pictures!

  • Amy Stewart - Precious!! Just a sweet blessing

  • Trudy Chandler - Your family is beautiful. The pictures are amazing.

  • carmella - So precious!

  • Sharon - You’re family is so beautiful & these pictures do a fantasist job of capturing that!

  • Trista - Such beautiful pictures!!!! This family is so precious!!

  • Jennie Kowalski - These pictures are so special! And David is adorable. Can’t wait to meet him!

  • Cindy - These beautiful pictures bring tears to my eyes and joy to my heart!

  • Emily - He’s adorable :) congratulations!!

  • Ashley - Gorgeous photos and family!

  • Rachel Martin - Beautiful pictures!! These are incredible! I can’t wait to meet this precious baby boy!! :):)

  • April - Makes me want another baby. ;)

  • Lisa - What precious pictures of your beautiful family!

  • Pam Ward - Such a beautifull, loving family.

  • Elizabeth Grubar - Beautiful Family and great pics!!!

  • Susan - Simply beautiful~

  • Susan - Beautiful ~

  • Roxanne Balmas - Little David and your family are SO gorgeous!! These are the most beautiful newborn pics I’ve ever seen. Congratulations again, Cara & Nick!

  • Amanda Franklin - Such beautiful pictures of an amazing family! Such a blessing!

  • Jennifer - Just precious!!!

  • Smokey - Awesome pics mom and babe are great but dad and child are awesome!

  • Deborah Franger - The pictures are so sweet and innocent! What a beautiful family.

  • laura - Great pictures!

  • laura - Great pictures, congratulations to all!

  • Kelly king - Love, love, love. Beautiful family – beautiful photographs that they will cherish forever.

  • Jody Gantt - Nice to have those moments captured forever~enjoy and congrats!~

  • nina - Adorable! Precious! Priceless!

  • Amber - Love the pictures!

  • Josh - Go Jean Claude!

  • Terrie DeMar - Very Precious bundle…

  • Julie Henderson - Beautiful Pictures You are blessed and Highly favored.

  • Jeri Ann and Dustin - These are simply adorable! Love this beautiful family!

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What a gorgeous boy! His mommy was so sweet and his daddy was a natural:)and he has this amazing big sister who loves him to pieces! I really enjoyed photographing this sweet boy and his sister was far more cooperative than most siblings. Most are age 2, though, and having a new baby isn’t quite as much fun as it is when the sibling is older. check out these gorgeous images!

Thank you, Ashleigh, for trusting me with your new baby boy!


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midwife doula home birth hospital
midwife doula home birth hospital

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  • Willam Smallman - Love these shots of little Hugh

  • Ashleigh - Thanks for taking such amazing pictures of our family! We love your work!

  • Carolyn Karpick - These are the most amazing and beautiful pictures, beautiful family! I love them all. Thanks for sharing.

  • Karen Suarez - Amazing pictures! Such a lovely family!

  • Mario Suarez - Wonderful pictures! Thank you so much for capturing our family in such creative photographs…amazing!

  • Barbara Murray - Beautiful pictures and a wonderful introduction to my great newest great nephew!

  • angie snawder - The photography is amazing! Such wonderful poses. But then . . . look at the beautiful subject . . . Baby Hugh. I especially like the photo of Claire and Hugh. The love and joy she feels for her brother is captured in that moment.

  • Bernadette Thul - Precious! I particularly love the black and whites, so dramatic.

  • Lorena Ortega - Baby Hugh is So adorable!!! Great Pictures!

  • Debbie Buxton - Awesome pictures! What a beautiful family. My favorite is the one of Claire and Baby Hugh. Love them all.

  • Susan J Conover - Absolutely beautiful!!! Gorgeous family and wonderful photography!!

  • Prissy Morehead - What sweet pictures! Love them all.

  • Susan and cecil - Oh my goodness!!!! Great pictures. This photographer is SO good!!!!!

  • Cecil Turner - These pictures are great. The photographer is obviously very talented to be able to do that with such a young baby!!!! Thanks for sharing

  • Lydia Suarez - Precious pictures!! So creative!! Your family pictures capture beautiful love!!

  • Susan - Precious pictures of the whole family!

  • Marjorie Bridges - Beautiful pictures!!!

  • Felicia - These photographs capture the essence of precious, sweet Hugh! These are wonderful!!

  • Jeanie Christopher - Great photos !! Precious children!

  • Marie Rockhold - Beautiful pictures!

  • Candy Holliday - What a beautiful family with the precious blessings of children!

  • Katherine - Absolutely beautiful baby and pictures!

  • Debbie Buxton - Awesome pictures! My favorite picture is baby Hugh and Claire. So sweet.

  • Patsy Petit - Awe….precious pictures of Hugh and the family :)

  • Moyo Suarez - Pretty awesome pictures of my sister and her family

  • Emily D - These pictures are AMAZING you guys!!! My favorite is the 2nd down top left. Love them. So happy for you :)

  • Deana Mangone - These pictures are beautiful!! Love the picture of Hugh and Claire, so precious

  • Cecily Hudson - What beautiful pictures of you all!! Claire couldn’t look any happier to be a big sister!

  • Hannah chapman - I love the picture of him in the hat!

  • Maureen - Hugh in the hat, very cool dude ! These family photos are to be cherished.

  • Carolyn - Precious pictures!

  • Melissa Miller - Beautiful pictures!

  • Beth - Such beautiful pics of an amazing family!

  • Kelli - What adorable photos capturing those wonderful little details! Love them!!

  • Sara Shealy - Beautiful family and pictures are amazing!

  • Betsy Dunnigan - Hugh is too cute!!! I love all of them. Claire looks like a proud big sister.

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