Hello readers! We moved from one house to a new house. We now live out in Fairview, TN. We bought a home on 5.5 acres. Were loving it out here. So far, we’ve seen deer twice a day. We have woods around us and a field behind us:DSo you know what that means! Yes, I hope to get some families and babies into the woods and field. Its gorgeous! I just had to get a fall type photo of my sons together, wrapped in an antique quilt. Ive envisioned this for a while, and it literally took 30 seconds, I got one shot and they were off!


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fall family photos leaves woods fields hay bales

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Sweet Kenzie. She arrived early, and even though she was her mommy’s 3rd baby, she was the first c-section. Poor dear was breech. Which was evident during posing – curling her legs in didn’t come natural like it does with other babies. When you pose babies, they tend to naturally pose as they did in the womb. When babies are breech, posing can be a slight challenge. She did great and was comfortable in most sessions, thank goodness! What a sweetie, I tell you. She’s also her mommy’s first non-red haired baby. Which made her momma very happy.

Thank you, Eileen and Dave, for trusting me with every baby you’ve had, every maternity session, and even family sessions!


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breastfeeding nursing breech baby birth c-section lip tie tongue tie cool springs franklin


breastfeeding nursing breech baby birth c-section lip tie tongue tie cool springs franklin
breastfeeding nursing breech baby birth c-section lip tie tongue tie cool springs franklin
breastfeeding nursing breech baby birth c-section lip tie tongue tie cool springs franklin
breastfeeding nursing breech baby birth c-section lip tie tongue tie cool springs franklin

  • Kristie Clemons - Picture of Mommy and Baby is truly beautiful.

  • Patti Musolf - I love the picture of the sisters. The longest relationship she will have in her life.

  • Laura Brown - BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL! Every one of them!

  • David Pankake - Jennie – You do such an incredible job of capturing precious moments! Love the one with Kaelyn and Kenzie!

  • Elizabeth Clements - Love these! It’s hard to pick, but I think the sisters shot is my favorite. :)

  • Donna c - Love, love love the one of Eileen and babe!

  • Ellie Thomas - Jennie, it is difficult to choose. You work your magic every time. I love the one with Kenzie and Kaelyn. I also love the one with Kenzie with the yellow flowers I the background.

  • Natalie Whitten - Love them all! Precious! My fav has to be Kaelyn and Kenzie!!

  • Arin Sheeler - The picture of Eileen and Kenzie is breathtaking!

  • Jenny - What wonderful pictures to capture this precious time. Congrats!

  • Mary-Kay - They are all precious! The sisters picture is my favorite. :)

  • Susan Williams - Jennie,you do such an amazing job. Thank you for taking such special pictures of my family. I love the sister pic with Kaelyn and

  • Susan Crittenden - Beautiful Pictures! Beautiful Baby Girl!

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Ive been meaning to write this for a while. Ive been a work at home mommy photographer housekeeper, all in one, do it all, person for several years now. and by “stay at home” I mean, my two boys have never gone to a daycare. ever. They are home 24/7 with me. I want to write about what works for me, and offer advice, and rationale, as well as tips on how to feel balanced while being at home with children.

1) Balance is a semi-joke. Meaning to find true balance, you have to first realize what that looks like. Lets think about a visual of balance. I visualize a balance scale, you know the one with two bowl like objects on each side, equal in height. That is NOT balance when it comes to working from home. Its important to realize that some days work will be where it needs to be and the house will be a wreck. and other the days, everything will be in its place in the house and work will be behind. What balance really truly looks like, is a little bit of this and a little of that and at the end of the day, we don’t feel as if we failed. So, to find true balance, you must first realize there is no balance in a balanced life.

2) Many many mannnnnny days I felt like a failure at the end of the day. Sure, my work was caught up, but my house was dirty and I felt guilty at the end of the day that I didn’t do it all. This is why the perception of balance and perfection is the most important part of finding true balance. If you believe that balance means perfection, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

3) The first two hours of my day are the most important. If can start my day off right, I feel good at the end of the day. So, what does this look like? It requires me getting my coffee in, making breakfast for my boys, starting a load of laundry, and vacuuming and tidying up. If I start with a clean home before even checking my email, I get to start off feeling on top of things and in control. The feeling of control is what keeps me from losing it. Now, you’re two hours in the morning may look different than mine. But finding out the morning routine that leads to the best day is an important step in finding balance at home.

4) I don’t check my email until 11 am or later. This one sounds strange, but again, its what works for me. I find that if I check my email, glance at a newborn photo, or get on Facebook early in the morning, it messes with my mind. It gets me into work mode and I cannot stop myself from working. So, I try to spend a few hours with my boys, once things are tidied up (because I need that first to let myself sit and play). Then, shortly before or after lunch, I will work a little.

5) What my kids do while I work: They don’t sit quietly reading politely and educating themselves, thats for sure. Their morning has to have some structure, like art activities, getting out in nature, or reading books. And then I will let them do iPad games or play ABC mouse on the laptop for one hour. The 2nd hour of my work I will let them watch a little TV. This way, if they don’t do part 1 they don’t get part 2. and it keeps them from watching too much tv. Usually this allows me to get through most emails, and get a gallery nearly done or completely done. Im not one of those who can work late at night. Im tired after they go to bed and Im ready for my veg time. So, usually, I end up with about 30 minutes of work left after these two hours. After the boys are in bed, I will sit and finish it up and then head down for my personal time. After this, I don’t clean, cook or do anything domestic. Its MY time and I need to take care of myself in order to give others what they need.

6) After I work, I usually try to get a head start on dinner, or simply clean up the kitchen etc. Many times, the boys will help, or they’ll just play. It took us a while to get into the flow of things, but it now works well. I finally feel like the majority of days, I feel successful. I feel that my problems in the past were that I was not taking care of myself, I would expect too much out of myself, and I didn’t have that good start to the day that prevents me from feeling overwhelmed. Still, to this day, if Im overwhelmed, I clean first. Because if my house is clean I feel on top of things, even if Im 5 weeks behind on work:D

Thank you for reading. I know so many moms work from home these days and get very stressed out. Its not easy, but its a great life regardless!

  • Lindsay Dabney - Thanks so so so much for posting!!! This was a big help reading. I have a 2 year old and a 10 month old that I am with everyday all day and everyday I am trying to figure out the right “flow” it’s really hard at times but you give me hope ;)

  • Sarah Jane Cothren - Jennie, thanks so much for writing this! I struggle with this so much, and have during this pregnancy especially. It sounds like you have developed a system that works for y’all — I certainly hope after this baby gets here, I will be able to cultivate a good routine, too. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t have it together 100% of the time!

  • Ashley Goverman - Thank you so much for this! I think you’ve got it right. And I really need to jump on your plan! I feel so much better when the house is clean. And I need to step away from the computer and mobile devices until I take those first couple of hours to tidy up and hang with the kiddos. I always feel like I’m inefficient. Can’t complete one thing because I’m pulled in every direction. I’m definitely going to try your method. (And I tell myself regularly I’ll stay up late…and RARELY do! I’m always exhausted.)

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The best compliment, hands down, is when a photographer hires you for their newborn and maternity session. I loved working with Sarah and her sweet girl. Her family is so relaxed and fun to photograph, not to mention beautiful!


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  • Lindsey Henkel - I love them! And I love y’all!

  • Susan - I adore these! So beautiful. Knowing this sweet little family, I feel like it perfectly captures who they are. <3

  • Sarah Marston - These photos are gorgeous!

  • Lindsay Helton - These look great!!!

  • Candy - BEAUTIFUL

  • Jamie - Very cool! Almost surreal.

  • Chambliss Howell - Beautiful photos!

  • Melanie Nutt - Jennie, your photos are amazing! Thanks for these beautiful pictures of my lovely daughter, granddaughter, and son-in-law!

  • Carrie - Goregous!!

  • Jena Sanders - These pictures are breathtakingly beautiful! Love that Sara Jane, also a very talented photographer, took this precious opportunity to celebrate her pregnancy in anticipation of their expanding family. Memories to last a lifetime!

  • Melissa Haislip - These photos are beautiful!! Love, love, love them:)

  • Lisa Mink - So beautiful! Love you all!
    Captured the beauty of pregnancy and of the whole family!

  • Michele Littrell - Stunning!!

  • Lianna Derryberry - Ethereal and stunning! Love the light!

  • Tara Mitchell - The stark beauty of these photographs is amazing! My favorite is Rosemary touching Sarah’s stomach as well as they one of Sarah leaning back! These pictures are all absolutely stunning!

  • Brock - Nice pics

  • Ashley Rutledge - Amazing!!!

  • Allie - Beautiful pictures of a sweet family!

  • Madeline - What beautiful photos and a wonderful family!

  • Jeremy - Those are awesome!

  • Jacob - Thank you for the great photos. We really enjoyed the shoot and are excited about getting newborn photos soon too.

  • Katie - Love these! Can’t wait to meet the little one!

  • Whitney - These pics are awesome! You had beautiful subjects though! :)

  • Audrey Brown - These are so beautiful!! Love!

  • Fallon - These pictures are beautiful.

  • Amanda Pierce - These are incredible! Creative and beautiful!

  • Terri Rose - Absolutely breathtaking photos!!!!

  • jasmine - These are beautiful pictures. The light is awesome and they look like -love.

  • Rebecca Miele - I love these photographs. They are ethereal~ I love the setting, and the subject.

  • Kristi - Beautiful pictures of a wonderful little family!

  • Shirley Evans - Oh my…I expected fairies and elves to come singing their phrases. How blissful and beautiful!!!!

  • CATHY NUTT - These are gorgeous pics! They say so much! Makes me want to go back in time and do it all over again!

    Such a treasure!

  • Shonta - I love these!!! Beautiful!

  • Rachel - I especially love the ones of Sarah Jane and Jacob together!

  • Mary Beth - Such a beautiful family inside and out and the pictures do a great job capturing that!

  • Bernice Cole - The beauty of nature combined with the natural beauty of expectant mother, dad and child is remarkable. I’m proud of my beautiful Sarah, Jacob and Rosemary!

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